Utilize Effective And Powerful Software To Attract More Donors

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Education Feature

Do you want to attract lots of recurring donors? It is advised to use the most powerful and efficient fundraising tool. There are lots of fundraising platforms available now, but the specially designed one brings you some added conveniences. If you are interested in knowing about the best kind of Donation software, Donorbox is a simple-to-use software developed with the aim of grabbing the attention of many donors quickly. One of the key reasons to consider this platform is that it has powerful safety measures. They are used to keep both donations and donors protected. Apart from that, it focuses on the fundraising requirements of nonprofits. It ranges from politicians to churches. Regardless of the type of your fundraising needs, everyone is supported on this platform. If you want to start the fundraising process, you can make use of optimized and fast donation payment form. It is equally important to sign up your account for free. After that, you can embed the form to your business website. The next step is to accept recurring donations on a monthly basis.

Convenient platform for everyone

The main objective of this donation platform is to bring pleasing experience to both donors and also organizations. The donors are capable of getting complete control over the monthly recurring donations. Most significantly, you can accept the donations even on the Facebook page. It is important to ask the donors for covering the processing fees. With quick multi-step checkout facility, this platform lets donors feel pride by recognizing what they actually contribute to. The forms are actually localized in various languages including Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Italian, German and French. Safety plays a vital role in almost everything. To meet your security needs, Donation software is well-protected by PCI and TLS/SSL compliant. When it comes to credit card details, they are tokenized, encrypted and also stored by using a payment processor named Stripe. It is pleasing news for everyone that this software never stores your bank or card data. The users are advised to embed the donation widget on the donation site.  It is optimized for tablets, desktop, and mobile phones.

Increase the donations

If you try hard to collect huge amounts of donations, you can utilize this donation platform.  It only takes single click for setting up the recurring donation. There is no need for additional registration screens. Donors are allowed to motivate their staffs to suit the donation they actually made. It is done by using Double the Donation integration. With this platform, you can get other businesses and organizations to donate to the campaign. It is because the Donorbox forms also support the company donations. The most impressive thing about this platform is that it brings you an excellent opportunity to accept the donation amounts from everyone regardless of their location. Moreover, this platform supports more than twenty popular currencies. These are the most exceptional and outstanding features of this platform that make it a one-stop destination for your fundraising requirements.

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