Don’t know what to wear for your upcoming job interview?

We’ve heard the same advice over and over again: “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” But how do you go about doing that?

Browse the internet and you’ll discover countless advice on things like what colors and accessories to wear (e.g., black to convey power, red for passion and energy, a splash of white for simplicity, a bold tie for authority).

But what if red makes you feel angry and white looks depressing to you? If wearing the “conventional outfit” doesn’t quite feel like you, chances are that you’ll have a hard time bringing your most authentic self to the interview.

As an fashion psychologist and professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, my mission is to help people dress in a way that energizes, uplifts and encourages them to bring their best foot forward.

When choosing what to wear for a job interview, it’s not about staying in the safe lane. Instead, it’s about creating congruency between how you feel and how you want to present yourself to potential employers. Because guess what? Personality matters more than you think in a job interview. 

Here’s how to choose the perfect interview outfit — without blowing all your cash: