Sid Salter, Guest Columnist Published 3:00 a.m. CT Aug. 28, 2019

STARKVILLE – The Chronicle of Higher Education’s annual “Almanac of Higher Education” edition for 2019-20 is hot off the presses and the information contained there is useful for those interested in reviewing how Mississippi’s higher education system compares with our contiguous neighboring states.

Let’s dive right into The Chronicle’s Mississippi data. Mississippi is the 34th largest state with a population of 2.984 million. Of that population, 58.2 percent is white, 38 percent is black, 2.9 percent is Hispanic, 0.9 percent is Asian, and 0.5 percent is American Indian. Another 2.4 percent is mixed race or “other.”

Sid Salter (Photo: Special to the Clarion Ledger)

In educational attainment, 4.8 percent have an 8th

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