What is Zinc Oxide and How Does It Affect Your Health?

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Health Featured

You can find zinc oxide in everything from tires to dietary supplements, but don’t think that something so versatile is always the same across the board. While manufacturers use one type of zinc oxide in ceramics, that compound has significant differences from the zinc oxide that finds its way into food and supplements. For starters, regulations require the use of low lead zinc oxide in anything that a human being might ingest. Here’s a breakdown of what this compound is and why low lead zinc oxide is safe for you.

What is Zinc Oxide?

Zinc oxide is a very versatile compound that serves two major purposes. As a very stable compound that is resistant to heat, sunlight, and other sources of stress to minerals, it forms a key component in ceramics and plastic products, as it can help the product to retain its form and remain flexible when needed. Food-grade zinc oxide serves as a stabilizer and preservative in medicines and dietary supplements. Additionally, zinc oxide is a good source of zinc, providing it with nutritional value. Food manufacturers that find zinc oxide manufacturer capable of producing food grade zinc oxide thus add the compound to breakfast cereals and other foods to boost their nutritional value.

What Makes Zinc Oxide Edible?

Technically, all zinc oxide is edible, but food grade zinc oxide suppliers take certain steps to make sure that the compound is both safe and nutritious. This includes making sure that the compound has no toxins or contaminants in them. While zinc oxide used in ceramics and plastic products can contain a certain amount of lead, that mineral is toxic if ingested by human beings. Thus, it is imperative for a zinc oxide manufacturer to keep lead out of zinc oxide that is going to be used for food, medicine, and other ingestible products. Usually, a zinc oxide manufacturer that provides both food grade and industrial grade versions of the compound keeps the areas devoted to each version of zinc oxide separate to prevent cross-contamination.

How Does Zinc Oxide Affect Your Health?

The primary reason why zinc oxide suppliers provide food grade versions of this compound is that it is an excellent source of zinc and is thus an important part of a balanced diet. You can find zinc in cells throughout your body, and people who get a lot of zinc in their diet tend to have improved immune systems. Zinc plays a part in the division of cells within your body, which makes it a very important component for breaking down other vitamins and minerals. A healthy zinc balance helps you break down carbohydrates better than normal. For women who are pregnant, zinc also plays a role in developing an infant’s senses of taste and smell.

You can get a good dosage of zinc through meat, shellfish, beans, and nuts. However, if you fear that you aren’t getting enough, foods that use a high-quality zinc oxide compound, such as breakfast cereal, can also help you. Zinc oxide is an important compound in our lives, and nutrition is one of its most important functions.

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