Students take part in the morning prayer ceremony at the Chacha Nehru School in Aligarh, India. RNS photo by Priyadarshini Sen

ALIGARH, India (RNS) — Every morning at the Chacha Nehru School, 10-year-old Mahanand recites verses from the Quran to a roomful of his fellow students.

He then walks over to a consecrated space for Hindus in the same room, and amid the lighting of ritual lamps for Hindu deities, chants Vedic mantras.

Raised an orthodox Hindu in this city southeast of New Delhi, Mahanand believes both Hindu mantras and Islamic rituals are conduits to the same god.

“In this school we are taught that Hindus and Muslims can study, pray and eat together without fear or discrimination,” said Mahanand. “This is where we

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