Enterprise Architect ($122,585), Software Engineering Manager ($114,163) and Software Development Manager ($109,809) are the three highest-paying tech jobs in 2019. Cloud Engineer ($98,626), Data Scientist ($97,027) and Analytics Manager ($95,238) continue to be in high demand across U.S.-based businesses. The median salary across the 20 highest-paying tech companies this year is $146,155. There are 8,215 job openings for Solution Architects today, the most in-demand, highest-paying tech job in the U.S. based on Glassdoor’s recent research. Data Scientist is the second most in-demand, high-paying tech job with 7,276 open positions. Palo Alto Networks ($170,929), NVIDIA ($170,068), Twitter ($162,852), Google ($161,254) and VMware ($158,063) are the five highest-paying tech companies of 2019.

These and many other fascinating insights are from Glassdoor’s latest career research, Searching for a

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