Billionaire entrepreneur Jack Ma founded Alibaba — one of China’s most successful technology companies.

But even he would have a tough time securing a job there today, he said.

And it’s not just Alibaba. The e-commerce visionary said he and most of the other founders would struggle to pass the initial screening for many of the world’s most desirable companies.

“People like me, today, if I tried to apply (for a) job in Alibaba, it’s almost impossible,” Ma said at the Forbes Global CEO Conference in Singapore.

That’s because of a flaw in the international employment system, which places too much emphasis on academic results and unfairly pits out-of-box thinkers against traditional ones, he said.

“People judge you by your diploma,” said Ma. “They would think ‘hey, we’re got a group of people from Harvard, we’ve got people from Stanford, and you are from nowhere.”