Soldiers formed a barrier between supporters of the Lebanese Shia groups Hezbollah and Amal and anti-government demonstrators in Beirut early on Monday. [Mohamed Azakir/Reuters]

Security forces fired tear gas early on Monday amid confrontations in central Beirut between supporters of Hezbollah and Amal, and demonstrators protesting against Lebanon’s political elite.

Lebanon has faced five weeks of anti-government protests, fuelled by anger at corruption among the sectarian politicians who have governed the country for decades. Demonstrators want all of them gone from power.


Iran-backed Hezbollah and Amal were both represented in the coalition government led by Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who resigned on October 29 after the protests began.

The heavily-armed Hezbollah had opposed Hariri’s resignation.

The confrontations began after dozens of Hezbollah

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