Are you a news junkie? If so, you’re in good company. In fact, many Americans love to watch the news. We enjoy checking in on our favorite celebrities, what’s happening with the latest between the Democrats and the Republicans, even what the latest tweet from the President is all about. Many of us even enjoy checking the sports and what’s going on with medical news.

Does It Affect You?

So why do we spend so much time looking at the news anyway? Well, one reason is that we want to know about things that affect us personally. For example, when there is a story in the news about US Medical Supplies, we want to know about it. Are they safe? Will we be able to afford to pay for health insurance or a doctor’s visit?

When the President issues yet another tweet, is it something we need to be concerned with? This is what we tune in to see every single day, regardless of which side of the line we fall on. What affects this country, affects us.

Medicine is Probably Most Important

That said, the thing that most Americans care about most, understandably, is medicine. After all, this directly affects our everyday lives. Some other news may be entertaining to watch, but for many of us, it is an abstract idea.

Why Do We Care?

Reporting on medical issues hasn’t always been the first and foremost interest of most Americans. However, over the past few decades, as many scandals have broken regarding medicine and the confidence of the American public in the medical industry has been shaken, we have come to see the news as a bulwark against abuse.

In addition, many people have become greatly concerned about the insanely high medical bills that can be ruinous for average Americans. Given the fact that so many insurance policies are opaque and hard to understand, it’s more important than ever before to pay attention to what is happening in the medical industry.

Congressional Efforts

In addition, we like to pay attention to the news simply because medicine and our health insurance are constantly talked about. One of the key issues that most Democratic candidates for President have discussed is the need to either replace or reform ObamaCare. They want to make sure that every American (and in some cases, every person in the country, regardless of citizenship) has access to quality health care.

This is something that has a direct effect on most Americans. The debate over whether to replace private medical insurance with Medicare for All or to keep it as a hybrid system as we have now is center stage in the news.

Many people are of the opinion that the American health insurance industry needs to be nationalized the way it is in Canada while others believe that we would be better off by simply keeping the system we currently have while adding certain protections to make sure that ruinous debt cannot destroy working-class families. When we keep track of the news, we’re able to make sure that our own voices are heard by those in power.

This allows us to watch out for our own interests and to ensure that our families will be protected over the long term. Of course, for most of us, we need more of a summary than a full-fledged look at the news. We do not have time to read large congressional documents in the news to get our facts.

The Importance of the Press

In a world where we have 24-hour news channels, we rely more heavily than ever on the press to filter the news and allow us to learn what exactly is important. Otherwise, it’s possible to get buried in information without ever knowing what’s real and what’s fake. That’s why we love our news shows and prefer to get our news from sources we consider to be reliable.

However we get our news, through the phone, computer, iPad, TV, or the good old-fashioned newspaper, we all want to know more about what pertains to us and our lives.