Benefits of Hiring a Transcription Service

by | Dec 16, 2019 | Education Feature

Working with a reputable transcription company like AI transcription by Verbit can do a lot of great things for your business or career. Nowadays, there are several types of transcription services that are being offered to tailor fit the needs of different clients. Whether you are a practicing lawyer, a medical doctor, or a business manager, hiring a reputable transcription company can make a difference in your profession.

Meetings, court hearings, contract signing, are some examples of transactions that need documenting accurately. In the old days, employees use to write down the minutes of the meeting on a piece of paper to document what happened. Stenographers take charge of everything that has been discussed inside the courtroom. Although these manual processes were effective a decade ago as time goes by, it is essential to find better ways to adequately document each transaction or meeting for either legal or business purposes. Here are more reasons why hiring a transcription company is suitable for your business.


Working with a transcription company means that they have qualified people trained to provide high-quality work in transcribing different types of files and audio recordings. You have the assurance that transcription companies will deliver high accuracy work within your preferred timeline.

You have the option to train your employees to do some transcription work however they also have to undergo weeks or even months of training before they can achieve the same quality of work that is produced by trained transcriptionists.

Value for money

If you are running a business, it is normal for you to think about costs and budget at all times. One of the reasons that are stopping you from outsourcing your transcription services is because of the additional cost. But if you look at the bigger picture, you will realize that you are saving money in the long run.

Your employees have specific tasks to perform daily. They should finish reports, attend meetings, and file documents. If you are planning to let them transcribe particular files, it could affect their daily productivity at the office. If they could not finish the data that needs to be transcribed they would have no choice but to render overtime, which is an additional cost for the company.


Transcription companies have the right tools and systems used for transcribing different types of data. If you are going to wait for your staff to transcribe it might take them longer than expected to finish the job. Allow them to convert your files from audio/video to text or text to audio by giving them specific instructions on how you want things to be done. Remember that these transcription companies have tools or software that they paid for, so let them use whatever resources they have for your business needs.

Lastly, hiring a transcription company to handle your files is also one way to protect your business from fraud. If you allow your employees to do some transcribing for you, there is a risk that it might in the wrong hands.


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