MLB Playoffs Picks & Predictions

by | Dec 24, 2019 | Sports Featured

Baseball is one of the most liked American sports, which make online baseball betting as the country’s favorite sports book activity. There are usually lots of baseball games that are played during the April and October season, providing a perfecting opportunity for punters to wager. In a year, baseball teams can play up to 162 games and what this means is that punters get the opportunity to try their luck on the sports books.

So what’s the MLB season?

The MLB season usually begins sometime in March and usually continues until the fall, sometimes concluding in late September or early October. The post season then takes over which then leads to the World Series. The World Series is usually the culmination of the season, is usually the determinant of the best team in the world. After the World Series is over, the offseason then begins and then the whole cycle begins over again.

About the World Series

It is the annual championship series for the MLB, which has been around since 1903. It encompasses the best-of-seven playoffs that determines who gets to grab the bragging rights and lift the Commissioner’s Trophy. Commonly referred to as the ‘Fall Classic’, everyone even those who aren’t necessarily baseball fans, usually follow the happenings there. It is a perfect event for sports lovers to get to come together and share their prediction prowess while attempting to win big from their bets.

Picks and Parlays – odds and tips in MLB betting

There are several online sports books that provide bettors with exciting and the very best odds, offers and sports books to play with. With them you can easily find the best picks and parlays across all the major MLB games and settle on those offering the best value.

The best sports books have the best experts who provide a few picks and parlays depending on their knowledge and MLB recent statistics. This way it becomes easy for punters that rely on such sports books to win their bets.

The various types of MLB betting lines

Here are the types of MLB betting lines available that you can choose to place bets with:

Money Line betting – betting on the money line involves betting on one team to beat another. By simply choosing one team to beat its rival, you win when the team you chose wins the match. In money line betting, the team that is favored to win the match is usually given lower odds in comparison to its rival.

Most odds on a money line usually begin at -110 and often continue to rise if the team is favored to win the match. A team that is pegged at -150 for instance is usually thought to be more likely to win that one that is pegged at +115. So for a betting line of -110, a punter is required to place an initial wager of $110 to be able to win $100. If you wish to place a wager on a favorite team to win the match that is pegged at -150, you will need to wager $150 in order to win $100.

Money line betting in MLB is quite straightforward, the team that is thought of as the underdog is offered appealing odds. This is due to the fact that placing a wager on a team that is mostly likely to lose a match is risky therefore the odds offered on such a team must also be high.

ATS betting – this one involves betting against the spread. Instead of you betting for one team to beat another, you bet on a team to cover the spread. You might be wondering how does a team cover the spread isn’t it? Well, a spread here means a point total that a team must cover.

Totals – this type of bet is quite unique you won’t be picking a team against the other but rather you will be betting on the total sum of points that gets scored on a game. You can either bet that the total sum of points that will be scored in the match will over or under the specified total provided by the bookmaker.


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