$330,000, 15 Sibley Rd, Morand, Kenneth D, and Rivard, Suzanne J, to Roy, Thomas P. $250,000, 29 Wood Path, Roy, Thomas P, and Roy, Leanne J, to Fitzgerald, Lisa M. $235,000, 45 Dunn Rd, Kesse, David R, and Kesse, Elizabeth A, to Brouillard, Jonathan. $226,000, 13 Laurel Dr, Stevens, Katie, and Stevens, Jan, to Vorderstrasse, Tricia L. $220,000, 66 Main St, Gaidanowicz, Joseph D, and Gaidanowicz, Janice A, to Daley, Sean M, and Panzarella, Mallory C. $159,900, 51 Hay Rd, US Bank NA Tr, to Linares, Carolina. $116,300, 11 Lake View Dr, Dearborn, Sarah E, and Ptak, Eugene, to Oconnell, Paul J, and Oconnell, Isabelle M. $20,000, 16 Birchwood Ter, Chesbrough, Robert J, and Chesbrough, Deborah D, to Chesbrough, Deborah D.


$260,000, 74

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