Best way to become a forex trader in 2020

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Forex trading is a very exciting, educational, and accessible field. It provides many opportunities for forex traders. Despite all this, many traders do not learn the right way of trading and fail to reach their goals. Learning to trade can be one of the difficult and tricky things. That is why I am here to let you know about the best way to become a forex trader.

In this article, I have laid down many ways that can help you to improve your trading skills. In fact, if you are reading this article, you are already on the right path to become a successful forex trader.

Best way to become a forex trader

Before starting the trading, business or investing in the trades, you first need to understand the meaning of traders. How do they work? How many types of traders are there?

You need to have a clear understanding of the traders.

A trader is a person who places orders on the market on behalf of the companies he/she working for or even as an independent trader.

There are several categories depending on the trade market: foreign exchange (forex), equities, bonds, metals, coffee, meat, etc. in today’s world, every commodity have a trading marketing of its own. In trading marketing, there is no physical exchange of goods.

To be successful in the trading fields you need to be proactive and need to have an open mind with the response thinking process.

Given below are the best way to become a forex trader:

  1. Have zero expectation

Trading is not only about profits. Sometimes you have top trade just to keep the market flowing. There are new traders who become so obsessed with the profit that they raise their profit expectations. And when the expectation is not meet, they take an unnecessary decision that leads them to their downfall.

So, the first step to becoming a successful forex trader is to never have expectations on the trades. Forget unrealistic goals and objectives and see the trades as a dynamic entity.

By setting expectations of high profit creates a huge emotional pressure that can lead to making unnecessary decisions. Many times, you can become overconfident that results in overtrading.

Always follow the policy “earn the money you need and don’t stress of earning more”.

Before trading does all the market research. This can help you to have a general idea of the current market.

  1. Define your trading risk profile

Before investing in the trades always do thorough market research on the market you want to invest. Check the capital in your hand, have expert’s advice if you need to, see where your interest lies.

After taking consideration of all the aspects, only then go for the investment. If you don’t feel confident enough about your profit, don’t invest.

Point to keep in mind while investing:

  • Invest only on those trades which will not affect your living standard after a loss.
  • Divide your capital and invest in different kinds of funds. Don’t invest more than 20% of the capital on one trade.
  • Know your risk profile, that how far you are willing to take risks
  • Always prepare yourself for a loss.
  1. Choose a relevant trading strategy

If you are in the trading business then you must be aware that there are no right and wrong ways to trade. The strategy which is the most fruitful one is the right way.

One strategy can work for a trading market but it will not work for another kind of trading market.

To become a successful forex trader, you need to focus on increasing your online presence. Research all the tools that are needed in the trading market, study the techniques that can be useful in the trading market.

There is a saying that “sweat blood in the practices so that you don’t have to sweat blood on the field”.

Do extensive research, back testing, experiment and when you feel secure in investing the market do it.

  1. Abolish your emotion

If you are in the trading field you use your brain and not your emotion. Emotion can lead you to make decisions that you can lead to a loss.

There are many newcomers in the trading market, who think trading is just like game. And when they start losing emotion get the better of them.

Trading is not a game, the sooner you understand this the better for you. Trading is a financial activity that requires discipline and a load of research to do it correctly.

Having a mental stability is the first thing to go for trading. If you are feeling overconfident don’t do it, if you are down don’t invest.

  1. Keep up with the everchanging market

The daily habit that requires to be a successful forex trader is to keep an eye on the dynamic trading market every day. Never miss a single day.

Information is everything in the trading market. If you lack the smallest bit of the information, that can lead you to invest in the wrong trading market.

There are many traders who make trade decisions on the basis of the chart and the analysis but for them also information plays a vital role in predicting the future outcome.

  1. Always think that you are going to lose

There is no guarantee that you are going to make a profit on every trade you have made. Being a successful forex trader does not mean that you get success on every trade you make.

There are only a few who make that kind of miracle. And those few have decades of experiences under their belt.

Even the most successful trader has admitted that only 40% of their trade have fruitful results. sometimes only 20% make the cut. But don’t get dishearten because success does not mean that gaining profit on all the trades, it means that make a profit that can overshadow the loss. The net profit matter.

You need to have a strong mental strength and a high patience level to be successful in this field.


Remember one thing that trading market is a dynamic field. Even the expert with tons of knowledge and decades of experience have problem in the forex trading market.

Being impatience will not do. You have to mental a strong mental state and need to have an attitude to keep up with the ever-changing forex trading market.

This article is exposure to all the newcomers who want to build a career in the trading market. Here in this article, I have given some of the best ways to become a forex trader.

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