Can Former Inmates Get Health Insurance?

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Health Featured

Health insurance in America is not easy on your pockets. The Affordable Healthcare Act will fine you if you’re not insured the entirety of the year. The fines for this is 2.5% of your income or up to  $695 per person. These fines come out of any refund you would get at the end of the year. It is not worth it to not have health insurance.

Being an inmate there are a lot of freedoms and fines taken away from you when you get out of being incarcerated. Although you didn’t have the option of getting private health care when you were inside, you can definitely get insurance when you’ve come out of jail.

Healthcare During Incarceration

If you were incarcerated and tried to apply for medical insurance coverage while you were on the inside, you would be denied coverage. This is because when you’re incarcerated your healthcare is provided by the state and you don’t have the options you would on the outside of the fence for your healthcare providers.

If you use the healthcare facilities while you’re incarcerated you will often be charged a copay. This fee usually comes out of your commissary (which is money given to you from your family or friends) and can vary from a few dollars to up to 100 dollars. If you take the copay into consideration, it does not seem fair that you have to pay a copay fee for a medical plan that you can not choose yourself.

Healthcare for inmates is typically minimalistic and doesn’t cover little ailments or aches that are not life-threatening. Although you may seem fine when you get out, you should see a doctor. You don’t know what you’ve been exposed to from the living conditions of your cell. You could be at risk for heart attacks and cancer and not even know it. Once you’ve been released get health insurance right away and get a full physical exam.

The Cost of Health Insurance

If you’re wondering about how much insurance will cost you, it all depends on your income. If you’re over the age of 65 you’re eligible for Medicare as long as you’ve paid taxes to Medicare over the last ten years. If you’ve made very little income or have no income you’re still eligible for healthcare, you can get Medicaid.

Medicaid will often charge no fees or a nominal fee based on your income for your care if you’re working for low wages. If you don’t qualify for Medicaid you can get private insurance or Obamacare. The cost of private insurance depends on the state you live in, your age and your current health conditions. The cost of Obamacare is typically overpriced for the care you receive.

Where Can You Get Insurance?

You can get insurance from a broker or the healthcare marketplace if you’re looking to buy a plan. If you’re eligible for Medicare you should look into getting a Medicare insurance quote. Easy Medicare is a website for people to quickly and easily get quotes for Medicare insurance. If you’re not working and are not eligible for Medicare, you should look into your state health insurance plans like Medicaid.

Remember, your insurance provider won’t search criminal records on GoLookUp when they’re intending to give you a health care plan. Don’t be afraid to reach out and apply for assistance, especially if you’ve got a family. You could be missing out on your tax return money for a plan that costs $0. Reach out and find out what types of healthcare plans are affordable for your income.

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