Stagnation is harmful to anyone’s career advancement, and constant change and evolution are essential to staying relevant in the workplace. Employers are eager to employ people who can evolve their skill set, remain nimble in their thinking, and be optimistic about the changes required to stay relevant in a dynamic marketplace. In this article, Dr. Mac Powell discusses six tips for staying ahead of the curve in your industry.

  1. Understand Your Competition

Collaboration within a company is critical, and productive relationships with colleagues are essential to career advancement. However, it would be foolish not to recognize that in a dynamic work environment, there will be limited opportunities within a particular company, and there will be choices about who will advance and who will not. Having a skill set that helps you stand out and consistently demonstrating your ability to evolve will help set you apart. Beyond your organization, there is even greater competition, and not just from other professionals. Software developments and technological innovations can dramatically effect companies’ workforce demands; you should always be aware of new technological developments so that you can adapt and learn valuable new skills.

  1. Look for Ways to Demonstrate Objective Productivity

Your value to your employer often boils down to how you affect the bottom line. Show your value to the company by showing your impact on productivity. Growth is the key to staying relevant to any company’s long-term plans. Look for ways that you add value to your organization; demonstrate that you can objectively show how your efforts are adaptive to change and development of future business.

  1. Learn and Take Advantage of the Ways Your Employer Recognizes Excellence

Your professional life is never contained inside the walls of your office. Getting involved in outside activities that can lead to recognition or awards in your industry can pay dividends to your image and value to your employer. Advancement within your business outside of your current position also provides excellent networking opportunities and impressive additions to your resume.

  1. Stay Out of Ruts

Never fall into predictable habits with your work regarding how you approach tasks or set goals. When you fall into patterns that seem reliable and low-impact, you are setting yourself up to become irrelevant when new and disruptive processes come to light. You should always think of new ways to define jobs and handle assignments in new and more effective ways.

  1. Learn How to Effectively Self-Promote

You should always take pride in your work and the value of a job well done. However, you cannot expect recognition for your efforts to appear when you do well. You do not need to be a braggart to promote your accomplishments effectively. You need to find good ways to keep management updated on the successes you achieve.

  1. Be a Constant Student and Learn How to Innovate

Learning is a lifelong mission, and your intellectual curiosity about the trends and current events in your industry is essential to your career development. Networking with professionals in your industry who are influencers will usually keep you on the path to staying abreast of new technology and methods coming down the line. Find the best resources for the latest information related to your business and read them daily.

About Dr. Mac Powell:

Dr. Mac Powell is an executive in the world of higher education, and his passion is developing strategies for the growth and development of the community. He holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Missouri and is the former Chair of the American Council on Education’s Commission on Education Attainment and Innovation and the Council of Applied Master’s Programs in Psychology. When Dr. Powell isn’t pouring his heart into his work, he enjoys spending time with his partner, Tuan, and their dogs, or playing and teaching golf.