Iranians protest to show their sympathy to victims of Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 in front of the Amir Kabir University in Tehran, Iran, 11 January 2020 [Abedin Taherkenareh/ EPA]

On February 9, Iranians will head to the polls to choose members for the country’s 290-seat parliament. The vote could not come at a more sensitive time for Iran.

The country is still grappling with the chaotic fallout from the United States‘ assassination of top Iranian general, Qassem Soleimani, in Baghdad on January 3. The killing, which pushed the long-time foes to the precipice of an all-out-war, came as Washington tightened sanctions against Tehran as part of a years-long “maximum pressure” campaign that has crippled Iran‘s economy and driven down its oil exports.

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