Maison Berger Paris, the owner of , is launching a multisensory sleep companion — a new version of its .

Maison Berger Paris, a 120-year-old French fragrance company, last March. The startup was founded by then-17-year-old Guillaume Rolland, creator of the Sensorwake alarm clock that wakes you with fragrance. Rolland won a Google Science Fair in 2014 and nabbed two Innovation Awards at previous CES shows.

Now Maison Berger Paris is exhibiting at CES 2020, bringing a number of scents it says will help you fall asleep or wake up refreshed in the morning, along with a fragrance bar for a sensory experience. The booth will be part of Eureka Park, the CES hub for innovation with more than 1,200 startups this year.

The merger

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