Osome is a Xero Platinum Partner

by | Feb 4, 2020 | Business Feature

Online business assistant Osome became a platinum partner of Xero, a giant accounting software company. Only 3 companies have achieved this in Singapore. Just three months ago, Osome received the status of Xero gold partner. Achievement of the platinum partner level, the highest status that Xero offers to its counterparties, in such a short period of time shows the rapid pace of development of the company.

The Xero Partner Program opens new development opportunities for Osome, providing tools and benefits. The company’s idea is to help a modern entrepreneur get rid of routine work, saving him time for business development.

Osome provides online incorporation, secretary and accounting. Osome Chartered Accountants and cloud platform take care of all matters related to accounting.  Clients simply send documents in any format to Osome’s secure chat, where the company takes care of making clients’ reporting seamless and penalty-free. The artificial intelligence allows the company to automatically generate reports, reminders of deadlines, as well as to store encrypted documents in a perfectly organized state, when all receipts and invoices are linked to transactions.

Dr Konstantin Lange, Osome COO notes that accounting is the foundation of Osome’s business. According to him, the company aims to provide its customers with the best service. Konstantin Lange emphasizes that the platinum partner status of Xero is an exciting moment of recognition that means a lot.

The innovative software, available both on the desktop and in mobile applications, offers business owners electronic forms of communication with highly professional support, instead of visiting offices, as well as the use of electronic signatures by signing documents directly in the application instead of scanning stacks of papers. Osome bot instantly responds to inquiries, and experts always back the algorithm and are ready to get involved at any moment.

The safety of information transferred is one of the company’s key directions. Osome uses the most advanced security tools and methods offered in the market. All clients’ documents will always be in one place protected with bank-level encryption. Using cloud technologies allows customers to access them at any time and from any device.

The value of services provided by Osome and their demand allows the company to enter new markets. In just a few years of its activity, the Singapore Fintech Company has managed to attract 2,600 clients from all over the world. At the moment, Osome operates in Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

“Osome’s rapid rise from Gold to Platinum status only goes to demonstrate the power of cloud accounting. Their team has successfully capitalised on the benefits of cloud adoption to expand globally, with footprints in Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK. Not only did this supercharge their growth, it also aided their clients in their digital transformation journeys by creating a more seamless and cost-effective workflow. It has been a great partnership with Osome and we hope to continue supporting them as they set the pace in the accounting industry,” says Kevin Fitzgerald, Managing Director – Asia, Xero

Xero is becoming increasingly popular with small businesses looking for convenient cloud-based accounting software. By developing its program, Xero aims to support companies on their path to success by providing them with the tools and information to work faster and more efficiently.  Xero is an elegant accounting solution that is used by 2 million customers around the world and works.

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