My Direct Blinds opts for a green approach with one of the largest solar panel installations

by | Mar 1, 2020 | Business Feature

Solar power systems have been a norm for a long time. Given the repercussions we face as a species to the environment by using fossil fuels for power generation, we now look towards generation of power through renewable sources of energy.

A greener approach is currently being adopted by a number of business tycoons. My Direct Blinds have also opted for a greener approach with one of the largest solar panel installations in Australia. My Direct Blinds is one of the leading brands for window coverings which have now installed a large solar panel in their manufacturing facility in Sydney. It is one of the largest solar panel installations not only in Australia but in the world. The window furnishings industry has been revolutionised in a dramatic manner.

It has been reported that this facility will generate a tremendous amount of energy. It is said to be an approximate of 29 million kWh of energy across its project over 30 years. This equals to powering around 4,500 homes, saving over 20,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions and planting over 50,000 trees. This shows the impact just one business can have on the environment by taking on greener initiatives.

This investment is an indication of commitment to sustainability and responsible development. My Direct Blinds have been continually working to address the environmental concerns in the market. This company has been trying to minimize the impacts on the environment. In an interview with the director, he shared this:

“Currently, we have a lot of wastage in terms of textiles. Our cutting tables have nested placement meaning we cut multiple blinds on the same fabric to minimise wastage however it cannot be completely perfect. As such a large part of the textiles we use end up in landfills, because of this I wanted to make sure we are offsetting some of this by helping the environment in other ways such as power generation.”

My Direct Blinds have been working in Australia for a good amount of years. Thousands of window coverings and blinds are created in this company and distributed all across the nation each week. The company is highly committed to secure sustainable future through initiatives like these. Moreover, this installation has also boosted local solar business in the area.

My Direct Blinds has been a consistent force in the market, producing high quality products. It has never compromised on the level of quality being produced. By continually evolving they can ensure they stay ahead of the market. The advanced operating systems and window treatments of this brand are designed in order to reduce energy loss in your home. Heating and cooling costs are reduced dramatically and R rating insulation values are increased.

“Honeycomb blinds are probably our most energy efficient product, we think the bulk of our window coverings help our customers to reduce their energy bills year round.”

It helps homeowners to cut a lot of costs. It can in fact reduce the heating costs by up to 50%. This is a massive reduction.

“Not only do our products help out homeowners in their own home, but our solar panel installation helps to offset the electricity used during production. This means less CO2 in our atmosphere. We’re glad to help in doing our part to lessen our carbon footprint.”

The bottom line is My Direct Blinds has played a major role in promoting sustainable development. Installing one of the largest solar panels in the world should be the model for all competitors to take note of.

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