5 Tips for Running a Top-Notch Salon

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Health Featured

If you’re a current salon owner or you’re looking to open up a salon or barbershop so that you can provide high-quality haircuts to the public, you’ll need to read up on the best ways to be successful in the beauty spa and hair salon industry. This could mean including internal changes or offering something in terms of your business offerings. You may even want to consider sprucing up your physical salon space. If you want to run a top-notch beauty salon, read on.

1. Give your salon a makeover of its own.

Everyone wants to spend time in a beautiful space, especially if it’s a space like a hair salon or barbershop where they expect to leave feeling beautiful, too! Invest a little more in your salon equipment so that it’s high-quality, state-of-the-art, and lovely to look at. Don’t underestimate the positive effects that luxurious barber chairs and even salon furniture in the waiting area can have on people.

More clients will want to spend time in your salon, and the more time they spend, the more money they may spend on services or products. They may even want to snap a few pics to share with friends.

2. Social media is a great way to spread the word about your business.

These days, if your business is not on social media, it might as well not exist. If you really want to reel in new customers from a variety of groups, you’ll want to get social media accounts across platforms. There, you can share photos, specials, welcome new barbers or hairstylists, and generally create a welcoming and communicative presence. People will be more likely to come in and trust you with their precious locks if they can get a feel for you and your team members online beforehand.

3. Consider offering a wider range of services.

While almost everyone needs to get a haircut once in a while, many beauty customers, especially women, go to a nail salon or beauty spa to get other services. You may want to consider transforming your salon into a one-stop-shop for all needs in the beauty industry. Pick up some pedicure spas, manicure tables, and other spa equipment so that you can offer waxing, threading, or makeup application. Then you can brand yourself as a single spot for a customer to do everything on her beauty wish list.

4. Stock the shelves with unique products for your customers to self-care.

Part of the appeal of going to a hair salon or barbershop is the wonderful products that stylists and barbers use on their clients. Consider stocking your shelves with these products for purchase. You may even be able to strike a deal with the manufacturer to get a discount on bulk products and keep more of the proceeds from their sale. You know these products will perform well sales-wise because after using them on frequent clients, your salon has likely become a veritable showroom of the products’ positive effects on hair.

5. Motivate your staff to be the best that they can be.

Of course, the shell of your spa or beauty shop is only part of the battle for success. You also need to employ talented and motivated team members to get goals off the ground. Consider using OKR software with your staff so that they can set strategic objectives for themselves and for the business as a whole. An OKR tool like this will make it easy to track these goals and performance indicators in real-time so that you can see your key results and make business choices intelligently.

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