Bonaventure Dossou is working on an AI model to help translate Fon to French

Bonaventure Dossou has been thinking a lot about how to improve phone conversations with his mother.

She often sends him voice messages in Fon, a Beninese language, as he is away studying in Russia. He, however, does not understand some of the phrases she uses.

“My mum cannot write Fon and I don’t speak the language very well but I’m fluent in French,” Mr Dossou told the BBC.

“I frequently ask my sister to help me understand some of the phrases mum uses,” he said.

Fon phrases in English. [ Nùkócé nɔn yìn My name is ],[ Oun yìn wàn nouwé I love you ],[ Ouh fɔn gangji I’m fine ],[ Nùnùɖù Food ], Source: Source:

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