Through its #HealthRisk Notification Ecosystem, CODY’s technology supports potential COVID risk notifications and alerts for frontline personnel, analysts, dispatchers

POTTSTOWN, Pa., April 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CODY Systems, a respected, family-owned company with a 41-year history of serving public safety agencies is excited to announce its #HealthRisk Notification Ecosystem, as well as a no-cost assistance program for fusion centers and other government agencies struggling with the mass of incoming unstructured COVID tracking data.

Law enforcement, homeland security, fire, EMS and public health personnel routinely face threats to their health and safety, but exposure to COVID-19 presents unprecedented risk. CODY Systems has adapted its data-driven data-sharing and exchange platform to allow users across states, regions and counties to create real-time alerts and network-wide searches based on a new #HealthRisk tag

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