How Canada is Helping Refugees Adjust to their New Life

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Health Featured

Since Canada opened its doors to over 40,000 Syrian refugees in 2015, the North American nation has proved itself to be a leader in how to handle the phenomenon. But, the help can’t stop with allowing entrance.

In Canada, refugees get services that enable them to adjust. With Interim Federal Health Care (IFH), refugees have access to medical coverage until they get a permanent health care plan.

Other services in Canada help create a smoother settlement process. Such services benefit both the refugee community and the native Canadian people.

Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP)

One of the big problems refugees face in new countries is a lack of funds and knowledge of the new country.

Navigating the processes to settle into a new country becomes more challenging if a person doesn’t speak English. Being unfamiliar with the legal and financial spectrums only hinders the process.

The Resettlement Assistance Program gives newly settled people a chance to adjust. By supporting loan applications. They can gain assistance with purchasing essential household items. And they might even get support in the necessary steps in moving to Canada.

The RAP provides in-depth training that educates newcomers on the laws of the country and informs them of their legal rights.

There’s also help with settling into a new home. The government provides new refugees with temporary residence until they find permanent housing. Afterward, the process continues to ensure a smooth transition takes place.

In enacting the RAP, Canada has helped to create a more stable transition process.

Adequate Transportation

No one should have to rely only on expensive ride-shares or unreliable public transportation. Especially for a person already in financial trouble.

Canada is a country filled with backcountry roads and towns that lie far apart. For many having a car to get around is essential.

Canada lets new immigrants get driver’s licenses. Often, people can use their foreign driver’s license for the first few months. People can receive assistance from many resources to navigate the process.

Since it’s illegal to drive in Canada without insurance, obtaining such is essential. If a person looks here, they can find out how much a car costs to insure.

Language Classes

Living in a country where one doesn’t speak the language is difficult. The feeling is overwhelming. That’s why it’s pertinent that Canada has opened so many volunteer ESL programs for refugees.

People who don’t speak English will find it easy to seek out free English as a Second Language classes within their city.

They can also use the opportunity to meet native Canadians and fellow refugees. Building up this sense of community within the city is crucial. English classes can help build a bridge between the two groups.

Canada as a Model

Such assistance programs have helped to make Canada a leader in successfully resettling refugees into their communities. A combination of friendly tolerance and assistance with essential living matters is beneficial to both the people coming into Canada and the people already living there.

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