Is It Safe and Legal to Travel With CBD Gummies?

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Travel Featured

Travel can be one of life’s greatest joys. The thrill of a new destination, experiencing different cultures, tasting unique foods. Even traveling for business can lead to exciting adventures, once you get to where you’re going. The “getting there” part can sometimes be stressful, and the fact that you are doing your research ahead of time to make things go smoothly is justifiable.

When packing for a trip, most people put their prescription medicines, vitamins, and over-the-counter remedies into their bags without a second thought. When it comes to CBD, however, standards are a little different. CBD gummies from brands like Verma Farms have no THC whatsoever in them, but laws can still be confusing, and you may get stopped for questions. Keep reading to find out what current laws are, and how you can best be prepared to make it through airport security.

What the TSA Says

The TSA offers ambiguous advice about whether you can bring your CBD gummies on the plane with you. As of right now, the official position is that you can take your CBD gummies or CBD oil onto the plane as long as it is derived from hemp and not marijuana.

The ambiguous part is how CBD shows up when you go to the official website and do a search. It comes up as medical marijuana, which the TSA says is okay to bring onto the plane, once again, as long as it is derived from hemp and not marijuana.

Medical marijuana not derived from marijuana, you ask? Exactly. This is why everything is so confusing. Fortunately, most CBD is in fact derived from industrial hemp, which contains 0.3 percent THC or less, so you are usually safe in that respect.

Whether you understand what is in your CBD products or not, the most important part of getting your CBD on the plane is ensuring the TSA agent understands.

One way to play it safer is to make sure you have THC free CBD oils with you. This way, there is at least no question that you are trying to sneak THC onto the plane.

Most CBD oil containers fit into the liquid restrictions for carry-ons, but to prevent spillage and keep your CBD supply less conspicuous, you may want to consider taking THC free CBD gummies instead of oils.

State by State Laws

Though the federal government has legalized products derived from industrial hemp, states are still allowed to make their own laws. Check the laws in the state you are traveling from, the state you are traveling to, and the states where you may have connecting flights or layovers. Just because CBD is legal in your state does not mean it is legal in another.

Some states are more lenient than others. California, for example, allows a higher percentage of THC to be present in your CBD and will let it pass, even though THC is still federally illegal over 0.3 percent and the TSA is a federal agency.

If you are flying from one marijuana-friendly state to another, you should be fine, so long as you don’t have to land in Wyoming due to weather conditions.

International Laws

State to state hemp laws are murky, but international travel may be even more confusing. Check before you go, to make sure you know about restrictions for the country or countries where you are traveling.

Some countries have a freer take on cannabis and hemp, while others are very regulated and controlled. CBD is often more accepted than marijuana, but not always.

Some countries may allow you to possess CBD, but not to bring it with you from another country. Make sure you understand the laws in your destination regarding both possession and transportation.


Regardless of how popular and accepted CBD gummies and other products have become, laws are still getting hammered out. They change almost daily, and their ambiguity leaves a lot open for interpretation.

Ultimately, no matter what federal and state laws are regarding your products, it is up to the TSA agent to decide whether you should get singled out for further questioning or if you can take your CBD on your flight. This means that their level of training or mood, or your level of preparation or skin color (sadly), can affect the outcome if CBD is found in your luggage.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for questions if you get them:

  • Make sure your CBD is derived from industrial hemp and contains 0.3% THC or less.
  • Some packaging is mislabeled, so bring the certificate of authenticity that should come with your product, to confirm that your CBD gummies or oils fit within the guidelines.
  • Know the laws at your starting point, any layovers, and your final destination. Make sure you follow the most conservative one.

Final Thoughts

Every day, CBD is becoming more accepted as the powerful substance that it is.  CBD can keep aches, pains, and anxiety at bay at home and when you travel. Someday there will be no question about its legality. For now, use caution and judgment when deciding whether to bring CBD with you or leave it at home.

Do some research before you leave, and you may find that it is just easier to purchase CBD when you get to your destination.

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