Above: Grammy winner Dua Lipa’s new album is titled “Future Nostalgia.”

Seemingly forgotten hobbies are suddenly thriving during the lonely days of quarantine.

Local TV is doing well. Retailers are running out of jigsaw puzzles. And Cindy Crawford, it’s been reported, is playing backgammon by herself. 

Craft supplies have been selling so fast that a Walmart executive guesstimated last month the discount chain had also sold 30 million popsicle sticks, which have many fun DIY uses. 

Then there are music album sales. Nothing much going on there. 

Billboard reported that album sales — that’s sales of vinyl, cassettes, CDs and even digital albums — -fell 29% the week of March 19, with just 1.52 million sold. NIelsen says that’s  the lowest since it began

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