LONDON, April 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — DocGovern, a Document Automation Consultancy, opened its doors today to serve clients in the legal, financial, healthcare, and public sectors, as well as other compliance-intensive industries.

Part of NetGovern, a leading Information Governance Solutions provider, DocGovern helps organisations choose, implement, enhance and migrate Document Automation (DA) platforms to improve compliance and streamline complex workflows.

DocGovern is unique among consulting companies as it isn’t restricted to just one or two DA platforms. Their client-focused, interdisciplinary approach, which touches all steps of the document production and retention process, including Information Governance, helps organisations in compliance-intensive industries make the right choice, fully based on their needs.

“With over 250 applications on the market, choosing a Document Automation platform is complex to start with,” says Gary Lessels, General