Thousands of Victims Have Gotten Cancer From Toxic 9/11 Dust: Are You One Of Them?

by | Apr 2, 2020 | Health Featured

The whole makeup of the United States changed on September 11, 2001. Not a single person resumed their daily lives in exactly the same way afterward. Everyone was changed.

Unfortunately, this rings very true for the people closest to ground zero not only on the day of the tragic event but also in the days to come. Many people risked their lives and paid a heavy price. People are still paying that price in the form of horrible medical conditions like cancer. If you are one of the thousands of people who are suffering from medical complications due to the collapse of the World Trade Center, there are organizations in place to help you cope and that may even be able to compensate you for your losses.

How to be Appropriately Compensated

The environment that many New Yorkers worked and lived in during the days and months following the disaster was extremely unsafe. The air was full of toxic dust from the collapse, and proper respirators were not provided to most. As a result of cement, asbestos, lead, glass fibers, dioxins and other chemicals in the air, many have developed dozens of different cancers and other long-term problems.

The WTC Victim Compensation Fund was created to help victims with these medical conditions. If your symptoms are a direct result of your time spent at ground zero, you could qualify. This fund can compensate you financially and also aid you with health insurance. According to Dr. Gaetane Michaud—a lung health specialist at New York University—he believes that there are about 400,000 people that should be utilizing this fund, but only around 80,000 are actually taking advantage of what they have a right to. Visit the WTC Victim Compensation Fund webpage and file a claim to see if you qualify.

How to Get Financial Assistance

If you have cancer from your time at ground zero, it can be a huge financial burden. There’s so much red tape around so many of the ways you could get the money you need. Your needs are not only tied to your medical bills but the needs of every human, like groceries and paying your mortgage. If you an in a difficult financial situation due to cancer, it may be time to consider selling your life insurance plan.

It might not have crossed your mind that your life insurance policy is actually an asset that you can liquidate in order to get much-needed money. You can get a lump sum payment called a viatical settlement. The American Life Fund offers financial assistance for cancer patients in the form of these kinds of settlements.

Working with American Life Fund, you’ll be able to get your money within a few weeks and you’re not limited to using your money only on medical expenses; you can do anything from setting up college funds to making memories with your family while traveling. The money is yours to use as you see fit. If you need an immediate solution, contact the counselors and support staff with American Life Fund. They’ll be able to assist you in exactly the way you need it.

If you or a loved one has been affected by cancer due to September 11, 2001, you are not alone. There are people and organizations put in place to help compensate you for your services. Consider looking into the WTC Victim Compensation Fund if you have any ailments from the disaster, and if your financial situation is dire, looking into selling your life insurance policy with a trusted place like the American Life Fund might be your best, and most positive option.

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