BRISTOL, England, April 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — UK biotech Imophoron has produced multiple COVID-19 vaccine candidates, based on its novel vaccine platform (named the ADDomer©), within weeks of the virus sequence being made available.

COVID-19 Spike protein is shown. Parts mediating cell entry are coloured red. Imophoron’s ADDomer©-based candidate vaccines present exactly these parts to the immune system, giving rise to antibodies to neutralize the virus and protect against infection

Pre-clinical trials to begin within weeks

The UK start-up is looking for partners to further the development of the COVID-19 candidates and the ADDomer platform

Vaccines based on the ADDomer platform are likely to require no adjuvant, no refrigeration and have reduced risk of side effects

Imophoron has joined the University of Bristol’s COVID-19 Emergency Research (UNCOVER) Group, and is

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