Which B Pharma College is Best in Bhopal?

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The Bachelor of Pharmacy degree, also known as B pharma prepares students for a role in the research, development and testing of pharmaceuticals before they are made available to the public. Pharmacy plays a huge role wherever a potential cure for a new disease is found since, without the required tests which are necessary to ensure the medication is safe for the general public, it cannot be sold on the market.

For a new medicine to be developed, extensive diagnosis of the disease along with treatment to eradicate the disease is necessary. Other factors include the availability of raw materials, ease of manufacture and the success rate of human trials.

Pharmacists are becoming an integral part of the healthcare industry for this and making the sector a success. Pharmacy as a whole has become a major part of the healthcare industry, not only contributing in the research of new drugs but also in the development, manufacture as well as the supply of medications in the market. A Pharmacy practitioner understands medicines and how they work, this having the ability to treat various complications by chemically altering the drug. Pharmacists are also responsible for the quality control and testing of drugs as per fixed regulations.

A Bachelor of Pharmacy degree acts as a gateway to enter the pharmacy sector, which is a part of the Medical and Health Care Industry. Students who take up this field study core subjects. Here are some of the best B pharma colleges in Bhopal for those wishing to pursue a career in this field:

People’s University

People’s University has steadily ascended the ranks to become one of the best B Pharma college to study medical sciences in the region. The facilities at the university are amongst the best in Bhopal and paired up with the highly experienced faculty on campus, this is a university you should aim for. The School of Pharmacy and Research at the university offers a course in B Pharma which takes in a small number of students.

VNS Group of Institutions

VNS Group of institutions is a leading educational group in Bhopal with over 25 years of existence. The faculty of pharmacy here is well equipped with highly qualified professionals from the industry. Besides this, there is a wide range of laboratories available, from research laboratories to animal houses.

Sagar Institute of Research and Technology

SIRT is one of the highly regarded P Bharma colleges in the region. The program at trains students for various roles in the pharmaceutical industry. Students are also provided with industry training experiences.

Oriental College of Pharmacy

The Oriental Group of institutions is well regarded in Bhopal. The college has been training students for a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry for a long time now. The university was started in 1998 and boasts of excellent facilities on campus.

RKDF University 

This is a lesser-known university in the region but has received much praise for its pharma program. The intake per year is just 60 students, making this program quite a competitive one to get into.


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