Why Spring is the Best TIme to Visit Toronto

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Travel Featured

Image Credit: Pixabay

Toronto is one of the largest and most populous cities in Canada, and as a result, it is a huge tourist destination. However, before you start looking at Toronto real estate to stay at, you may want to consider what time of the year you should visit the city. One of the best times of the year to visit Toronto is during the spring. What makes Toronto during this time period so great? Here’s why spring is the best time to visit Toronto.


If you visit Toronto in the spring, you’ll notice that the weather is much nicer than other times of the year. Due to Toronto’s location, winters have a tendency of becoming quite harsh. While these winters may not be as bad as some cities like Buffalo, Toronto still experiences some cold weather and snow. On the flip side, the summer months in Toronto can actually be quite warm. During June and July, days can be extremely hot with some unbearable humidity. The absolute perfect balance between the two is visiting the city during the spring when the weather isn’t too warm or too cold.


Another major perk of visiting Toronto in the spring is the lack of major tourist crowds. It’s no secret that there is a major tourism spike in major cities during the summer months, as children get out of school and families plan their summer vacations. The massive increase in tourism can lead to some huge crowds and some major inconveniences. Big cities are already crowded, and you don’t want to have to deal with even more people clogging up the streets, roads, and public transportation. As a result, visiting Toronto in the spring can be a great way to avoid the big crowds and allow you to enjoy the city to the fullest.


As the weather begins to warm up in Toronto, so does the frequency of live events in the city. The city’s residents have been cooped up inside all winter long, so once spring hits people are eager to get out on the streets. As a result, the city has plenty of festivals celebrating the spring season and warm weather. These festivals can range from Brew Fests to spring concerts, providing plenty of entertainment for residents and tourists alike. If you visit Toronto in the spring, you can have these unique experiences, something that likely wouldn’t be available to you during the winter month.


While springtime sights aren’t necessarily specific to Toronto, they do make a visit to the city that much more enjoyable. Toronto is already a beautiful city, but visiting during the spring makes the city even more enjoyable to look at. Trees and flowers are in bloom, and life is beginning to return to the city’s greenery after the cold winter. While you could probably get these natural sights in other areas, the combination of seeing everything in bloom with the rest of what Toronto has to offer is truly breathtaking. During the spring, Toronto ascends to a new level of beauty, making your visit that much more enjoyable.


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