5 Steps to Automate and Grow Your Business No Matter What Industry You’re In

by | May 1, 2020 | Business Feature

Every company has its own intricacies, but there are some business needs that remain the same from industry to industry. As a result, there are many different services that can help your company grow, and even automate certain aspects of how your company operates. Regardless of the size of your business, it might also make sense to automate some things about your approach so that you can maximize your employees’ time each work week, too. Here are five steps you can take to automate and grow your business—no matter what industry you’re in.

Improve performance management with one solution

If your current operational strategy has you using multiple different workflows and services, you’re likely feeling a little like a chicken with its head cut off. These small examples of disorganization may not seem like the most detrimental challenge your business is facing, yet when you see how much more productive your team can be with a proper solution, you might be surprised. Manobyte specializes in the sorts of software that is designed to help businesses grow. For example, their NetSuite ERP system helps centralize everything into one place and better streamline different business processes.

Drive organic traffic using SEO

Have you ever wished that you could get more customers on your website without even thinking? SEO, or search engine optimization, is probably the closest you’ll ever get to find that sort of success. According to the Peaks Digital Marketing, a medical SEO firm, there are plenty of ways to help your page rank increase by entrusting your SEO with a third-party company. From content marketing services to geotargeting, there is a broad range of strategies to keep in mind to boost your organic traffic. Best of all, you know that experts will be monitoring what keywords you’re winning in search results so that you always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Have a third-party manage your website

An extension of the previous tip about SEO firms is that it’s equally important to let another business handle your website maintenance. Websites are living organisms in 2020, so it’s vital that you have another business monitoring it as a way of knowing that everything is working properly. Plugins can fail after an update, and so you need to be sure that things are caught as quickly as possible in order to keep your business running smoothly. With everything else that your business is involved with, it’s hard to imagine always catching everything when it happens. Relying on another web design company helps keep your website running smoothly 24/7.

Schedule social posts ahead of time

If your business is successful, you’ve likely done some marketing on social media. That being said, it’s difficult to be on top of your social feeds each and every day in real-time. In order to remain responsive, spend some time scheduling your organic posts ahead of time using a platform like Buffer or Sprout Social. These web-based software services allow you to queue photo and video posts weeks in advance, letting your employees spend far more time reacting to comments and user engagement.

Use IVR for your call center

Customer support is crucial in any industry, but it could be taking up unnecessary employee time if your agents are fielding requests that aren’t well-suited to their expertise. One way to mitigate this issue while also boosting employee productivity is to use IVR — or interactive voice response technology. This lets customers speak their requests and uses advanced language processing technology to synthesize them. Rather than having your customers punch numbers into your phone or listen to long prompts and ultimately pick the wrong option, IVR empowers your customers to find the right department on their own.

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