5 Ways to Spend Your Stimulus Check

by | May 16, 2020 | Jobs Featured

COVID-19 has left millions stranded in their homes and many without a job. Luckily for us, the government has finally sent out the $1,200 stimulus check to help Americans with their financial situation. If you’re trying to figure out how to spend that check, we’ve got you covered.

What is the $1,200 stimulus check?

As a part of the CARES Act, the government has promised to give all U.S. citizens a bit of money to help them out during this trying time. The federal government is sending millions of $1,200 checks to citizens in need.

U.S. citizens who filed income taxes for 2018 or 2019, receive Social Security retirement or benefits, or receive Railroad Retirement benefits will be issued a check for $1,200. Individuals will receive $1,200, married couples will receive $2,400, and dependent children under the age of 17 would receive $500.

Now that you know what the stimulus check is, here are a few ways to spend that money!

Pamper Yourself

An at-home spa day is the best way to take care of yourself during these hard times. If you’re looking to splurge, treat yourself to a massager or a footbath. Turn on some spa music and take the time to de-stress. An at-home facial is a great way to further your spa day. Instead of a professional facial steamer, a pot of boiling water will be your best friend. The pot should be several inches away from your face to open your pores and make your exfoliation that much better. You can invest in a microcurrent device with that stimulus check as well, to lift and tone your face.


Buy Something Shiny

Agape Diamonds sells lab-created diamond rings that are absolutely gorgeous. According to the site, “Agape” means “Love” and their jewelry “represents our love for humanity and respect for the environment by providing quality and value at an affordable price point.”

If you’re looking for a new engagement ring or want to treat your loved one to something nice, Agape Diamonds is the perfect choice without breaking the bank.


Pay Off Debt

As much as you’d like to buy yourself something nice, someone needs to pay those credit card bills, and it has to be you. Use that check to pay off any outstanding charges to that credit card. Once this pandemic is over, you’ll feel better knowing some of those charges are paid off.

Support Local Businesses

It’s unclear what will happen to small businesses during this time, but many restaurants are still open for takeout and delivery. That family-owned pizza restaurant or Chinese place down the street may be going through some hard financial times. Show them your support by ordering takeout for you or a friend. These businesses are at risk of shutting down without support from the community, so anything helps. Local drugstores could also use some help, so think about them before your next hand sanitizer or TP run.

You have many options on how you want to spend your stimulus check. During these uncertain times, it’s totally okay to splurge on self-care or fix up those pesky house repairs, or even get a new diamond ring that will make you happy. If you’re not looking to splurge and would rather pay off debt or send some love to your pizza guy, then that’s great too. Use that money however you see fit.

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