Kristina Johnson, an Entrepreneur, Health & Fitness Coach, and a Wife, Helps Women Come Out Stronger, Happier, and Much More Determined

by | May 7, 2020 | Health Featured

Women are capable of much more than they believe or think. The limitations and restrictions of ‘how powerful a woman can be?’ is just in the minds. Women are exceptional multi-taskers. On one hand, they can skillfully take care of their kids, husband, and the house, on the other hand, they can lead an entire firm. Women can be sensitive, emotional, soft-spoken, and a great team player, and they can be strong, determined, in-control, and serve as a powerful leader. While serving multiple roles in both their personal and professional life, many women fall victim to anxiety, depression, and start living with low self-esteem. There is a group of people that is extensively working to help women get their confidence back and establish a well-balanced life. These individuals are health & fitness, and life coaches. They are working for the emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of women struggling to gain a stable ground in life.

Lucinda Bassett, founder of Midwest center for stress and anxiety; Sally Hope, leader of the ‘wild heart revolution;’ Paula White, the famous American evangelist; Gabrielle Burnstein, the next generation leader; Sarah Jenks, the one who possesses secret to a happier woman. These are women who understand and realize the situation of every other from their gender. These are women working for women. Amidst all the top-of-the-line female coaches, there is one who had helped hundreds of women establish a stable life and become better versions of themselves. Kristina Johnson, the 39-year-old entrepreneur, business technical analyst, and a health & fitness coach. She lives with her husband and is working to help women regain control over their lives and come out stronger and happier.

Importance of Finding the True Purpose

While every woman is dealing with a unique set of challenges and has adapted a diverse strategy to cope up with the obstacles in the corporate sector, there is one thing that every woman struggles with every day of their lives. It is the search for true meaning and purpose of life. Many hard-working and successful women have no clue where their life is heading and what more do they want from their lives. It is something women spend their entire lives on and sometimes end up with depression, anxiety, or get encircled by the feeling of aimlessness and being lost. These individuals need to have a direction in life that can help them find their purpose, identify their true selves, and establishing a balance in life. To save women from losing themselves amidst the busy schedules and hectic routines, Kristina R Johnson founded the Visionary Mindset Academy on November 01, 2019. The three building blocks of her company include honesty, positivity, and care. She is a firm believer that well-maintained health, along with a positive mindset, can make women happier, healthier, and much more determined in life.

Moreover, she wants to help women of all ages understand that the journey towards a mentally stable life begins with self-actualization. It means the women have to accept their situation by being completely honest with themselves. The women around the world need to be brought face to face with the fact that no one, except their own selves, can be honest with them. Finding true potential can help women succeed in their businesses and enjoy peace of mind and satisfaction.

Finding Her Way into Business & Life Coaching

Born on February 14, 1981, in Dayton, Ohio, the United States, Kristina R. Johnson was not always in the field of business or life coaching. Her life experiences introduced this industry to her, and since then, she has been helping female business professionals reach their full potential. She has worked in a variety of different industries and companies, Japanese Companies in Ohio, and several others. She has also worked as a Claim Processor, Provider Rep, Medical Coder, and has also served as a Corporate Trainer. Her professional portfolio is diverse, and her extensive experience in the corporate sector taught her valuable lessons. Kristina acquired the skills to tackle the problems she faced in a workplace, and this is what convinced her that she could help all other women with her personal experiences.

To set up her company, she traveled throughout the United States with an aim to create a trainer’s portfolio.  Passionate to help businesswomen excel in their lives, Kristina worked on her training sites and created training materials. In addition to this, she created learning modules, worksheets, exams, and certifications. While preparing for the set up of her company, she went to Japan. People in Japan live a stress-free life, and she acquired most of her training techniques from this very country.

After spending two years preparing for her company, she finally launched it in the year 2019. Kristina aims to apply her developed skills and acquired knowledge to encourage women towards building a positive mindset, realize self-worth, and spend a happy and a much more satisfying lifestyle.

The business analyst, mindset and health & fitness coach completed three master’s degrees; in Business, Informatics, and Health Administration in December 2018. She got married to Simeon Johnson, who was her best friend, in the year 2005. She has been working with her husband to lay the foundation of her company, which she aims to run with her husband. Kristina realizes how important it is for women to create a balance in life to succeed in their career, stabilize their personal life while enjoying peace of mind, and she helps other women achieve all of that through her company, Visionary Mindset Academy, and personal blog, Johnson Post.

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