How Covid has revamped the FTSE100

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Financial Featured

It is common knowledge that the global covid-19 pandemic has left devastation everywhere. Health, Travel, Economy and more. An element that is overshadowed during this pandemic is the Blue Chip index and also the stock market. People who are invested in the stock market and follow the figures daily, tell about the new normal following a global pandemic. These people have posted in blogs, made everyone aware that some big names in the stock market will not see another day. But this translates into new names entering the market for the first time in years. Welcome to the 2020 re-shuffle, at least this is what the new normal for the stock market is being branded as.

More of a reshuffle, the process is more of a reorganisation. Imagine going into a company for work and after a month or so there are redundancies, new offers, new faces and old faces gone. This is what is happening at the market. If we had to have a look at the new names making the prominent Blue Chip list, you will see names such as Cybersecurity giant Avast, Landrokes (part of GVC Holdings) and home joints such as Homeserve and B&Q making the elite list.  Of course some of the big names have also left the FTSE250 list and these include Airline giant Easyjet, cruise company Carnival and Aerospace Engineering firm Meggitt. As an outsider that has followed FTSE100 for some time, this shift in big names is indeed huge. If you look at the names that have now made the list, are online solutions and also home shops. Both online businesses that allegedly have strived during our lockdown days. Other names that have or are expected to get off the creme de la crem if lists is events planning group Hye has seen a drop of 95% in their stock prices. Other oil companies will also need to climb back the ranks and make it back to the list. With oil prices being reduced drastically, so have their share prices. Companies like Stagecoach or travel agencies will need to make some lucrative deals and offers to make it or break it.

Will this reshuffle be a permanent one that we should all get used to?  Well some of the companies that have gone into administration, some will never open the doors again, yet alone make it to the list again. Yet, the same ones that have been relegated to the second division will potentially work back on their momentum, climb back the ranks and hopefully be back in business soon. These companies will hopefully make their way back to the stock market.

Surprised that GVC made the list? We are surprised and we are not at the same time. According to, most of the land based casino goers have made the online casino their main focus. GVC is one of the biggest sportsbooks around, and have been maximising their profit via other offers. Let’s remember that most of the world sporting events have been cancelled. Still GVC has found a way to make it work, and make it work very right as you can see.

So what does the future look like for the FTSE 250? One of the newest faces to the list will include Biomedica, the company that has teamed up with AstraZeneca to bring us the much awaited COVID-19 vaccine. Imagine the profits that the company will make if they do get the vaccine and they do successfully market it worldwide. In June 2020, there were 9.6 billion people in the world, and believe or not, we all need this vaccine to make it to the safelist and ready for the next Coronavirus waves.

According to gambling will never be the same, and they are right, actually, we will raise that and say that nothing will never be the same. Today, tomorrow and the future is all about re-building and making a mark in this post Covid-19 world.

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