How to Open an Automotive Shop

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Business Feature

If you’ve always had a passion for helping others and a deep love for cars, opening an automotive shop could be the ideal career for you. Automotive shops give people peace of mind that their vehicle is safe enough to drive to work or to go on a long road trip with their family.

Working in or running your own auto shop can be incredibly rewarding since you’re helping people make the most out of their time. Statistics show that Americans are driving more and more, and so helping them service their vehicles not only keeps them driving, but helps them stay safer on the road. Sounds interesting enough, right? Here are a few tips on how to get started.

Buy or build a garage.

In order to operate your own automotive shop, you need a fair amount of space to store vehicles that waiting to be serviced, as well as a space to interact with customers and process payments. You’ll also need to provide bathrooms and a break room for your employees.

There are two ways to do this, with the first option being to build your garage from the ground up. While this may seem expensive (and it is), the benefits that come from getting to choose your workplace location could be enough to influence you to buy a plot of land.

Alternatively, you can look into buying an already existing garage that can be renovated to suit your needs. Make sure that you also budget for the necessary equipment you need to run your auto body shop, like hydraulic presses, welding tools, and shop vacs, too.

Hire ASE certified technicians.

In order to build positive word of mouth with your customers, you need to offer great customer service. While part of that comes down to pricing your mechanical services competitively, the other aspect of providing value to your customers comes from hiring experts who know what they’re talking about. Being able to diagnose a vehicle’s problems in order to fix it is crucial in the automotive industry, so be sure to find mechanics with the proper automotive and diesel certifications before offering them a job.

Get the word out.

You’ll also need an attractive website. (Especially if you’re a new business. Because competing with a local business is tough!) Think about it: Your website is like a virtual business card—it’s the first thing your customers see when they find you on the web. Plus, it’s the most effective way to promote all of the pertinent information about your business in one place. Looking for a local web design expert is as easy as Googling “web design Denver” (or “web design” + wherever you live).

From handling how your content is formatted for search engine optimization to ensuring that your user experience is consistent on mobile and desktop platforms, an experienced web design agency is worth its weight in gold for a new business owner. If you’re launching a new website, it can be especially useful to collaborate with an agency that has years of work experience. With their help, you can start ranking in search results in as little as a few months.

Whether it’s performing some routine oil changes and inspections for a Lyft or Uber driver or upgrading a stereo system in a family van, the rewards that come from running your own automotive repair shop are numerous. If you really want to make the most out of your business, be sure to keep the above concepts and tips in mind as you launch your company. While space is important for any auto shop, a great website and quality employees will truly set you apart from the competitio

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