Spain Begins to Receive Tourists Again

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Travel Featured

As the Coronavirus case numbers continue to fall across Europe, thanks to the hard work of both citizens and governments, many countries are beginning to slowly and cautiously re-open  to tourists. June 21st is the proposed date for the reopening of Spain’s borders to tourists. The tourism sector is trying to get back to work in hopes of regaining some sort of normality. Spain, in particular northern of Spain, relies heavily on tourism to sustain its economy, and so the summer seasons are incredibly important. Hopefully financial stability can be restored as quickly as possible, as tourists begin to repopulate the streets of our favourite cities worldwide.

In particular, Spain was one of the most affected countries during the peak of Coronavirus in Europe. After a very strict confinement period of three months, Spain has managed to overcome the worst of the virus and is now progressing to advanced phases which allow the movement of people and the reopening of the hospitality and tourism sectors. If you are looking to jump into your next holiday, look no further than Madrid and Seville for the ideal city break.

So, if you’re planning a weekend break to Spain to celebrate escaping lockdown, here’s some food for thought on Madrid and Seville as excellent cities to spend your first holiday after a global pandemic!

Madrid is arguably one of the most famous and beloved cities worldwide. From the bohemian neighbourhood of Malasaña to the sophisticated luxury of Barrio de Salamanca, Madrid offers plenty of scope for potential tourists to explore. Get started with a free walking tour in Madrid and discover your favourite streets.

If it’s the hearty Madrilenian culture you want, you’ll find it at La Latina. Between browsing through the flea market, snacking on tapas and visiting Las Vistillas Gardens, you’ll collapse into your bed dreaming of Madrid!

In contrast, Seville offers a laid-back, Andalusian holiday where you won’t miss out on flamenco or good weather. Seville is also a beautiful winter break destination. You can cover more ground on foot as it is a more compact and flatter city in comparison to Madrid. Food is incredibly affordable and you can decide yourself on the authenticity of tapas in comparison to other regions of Spain! Think about taking a free walking tour in Seville to kickstart your adventure of this unique city.

Of course, no country is completely back to normal after the global pandemic. Many countries have strict precautions for tourists, such as mandatory masks, quarantine schedules and social distancing measures to protect citizens. For extra information on Coronavirus precautions in Spain, have a look at some information on Covid19 from the Government of Spain.

If you’re ready for a jam-packed break, Madrid and Seville will keep you on your toes! Enjoy your first holiday after quarantine and indulge in all that these authentic Spanish cities have to offer. Do your research, set up some tours in advance and prepare to be amazed at the beauty, diversity and delicious food that Spain has to offer!

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