Utah Gov. Approves Board of Education Requirements for Reopening SchoolsBy Yvonne Marquez June 30, 2020

Gov. Gary Herbert approved the Utah State Board of Education’s requirements and recommendations for reopening schools in the state. As per the requirements, all Utah public schools must have reopening plans in place and posted online by August 1.

The plans must address:
Repopulating Schools (which includes communication and training, accommodating individual circumstances, enhanced environment hygiene & safety, and school schedules.)

Implementation of Mitigation Actions in School Settings (e.g., Classrooms, Transitions, Office Spaces, Transportation, Restrooms, Cafeterias)

Monitoring for Incidences

Containing Potential Outbreaks

Temporarily Re-closing (if necessary)

“We will be digitally meeting with local school leaders throughout the state shortly to provide tools for applying appropriate principles and levers to mitigate risk

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