What to Do If Your Flight is Cancelled

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Travel Featured

Even if you plan every last detail of your vacation, you may still run into unexpected travel delays or even flight cancellations. Luckily, if your flight does get cancelled, there are things you can do to salvage your holiday.

Sign up for flight notifications.


Sign up for flight notifications in advance to stay up to date on any delays or cancellations. While you can check flight statuses at the airport, it’s much more convenient to use an app on your phone to track your flight and any trip interruption. Certain apps will give you updates on delays or cancellations sooner than the airport’s display boards so that you can take action quickly. Make sure you also listen to any overhead announcements the airport staff may make regarding inclement weather or flight updates.

Act quickly.


In case of trip cancellation, don’t waste any time. Immediately get in line to talk with an agent, or get on the phone with a customer service representative. The sooner you spring into action, the more likely you’ll be able to find another flight or get your money back. You can also use the airline’s website or mobile app to try to rebook your flight.

To protect yourself from future flight cancellations, consider signing up for travel insurance. There are several insurers you can choose from, whether you need international travel insurance or domestic travel protection. You can also easily search for travel insurance with iSelect. Travel insurance plans will reimburse you for any expenses and your insurers may even cover overnight costs if you’re stuck waiting for a different flight.

Know your rights.


Knowing your rights in the event of a cancelled flight will help you get the most out of the situation as you can. Depending on the reason for cancellation and if you’re going on an international trip, passengers are entitled to different reimbursement amounts. Again, it’s beneficial to have travel insurance, so even if you do know your travel rights, you can get extra assistance services when needed.

Try not to get too upset.


A cancelled flight will undoubtedly cause a lot of stress, no matter what your reason for travel is. Even so, you should try to remain as calm as you can while you try to figure out your next move. Getting overwhelmed and lashing out at airport employees or your travel partners can make the whole situation even more stressful. Do everything you can in your power to either get on another flight or get your money back, and then accept that there’s nothing else you can do. Get a drink at a restaurant in the airport, wait out your flight delay with a new book, or find a hotel to spend the night in if you have to. Flights are often only cancelled for the safety of everyone on board, so while nobody wants to be in that situation, know that it’s for the best.

Try to prevent any possible future cancellations.


While some things (like weather) are out of your control, there are some steps you can take to reduce your chance of getting a cancelled flight. Try to only get tickets for nonstop flights when you can, so you won’t have to worry about multiple trips being affected. If you do need to stop in another city during your travels, consider staying overnight and resuming your travels the next day to reduce the chance of missing a connecting flight.

You can also try to schedule your flight during times when a trip interruption is least likely to occur. The least busy days to fly and the times of day when cancellations happen least often are good times to book flights since, statistically, you’ll have a higher chance of getting on your plane. Also, look at weather patterns of your destination and predicted weather in your area when searching for flights.

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