6 Things You Should Know About Dating a Taurus

by | Jul 31, 2020 | Entertainment Feature

So you’ve been dating someone for a couple of weeks and you learn that they’re a Taurus. At first, that information doesn’t mean much to you. But then they do something interesting, curious, or surprising and you start to wonder if it has anything to do with their astrology sign. Well, it’s possible!

Here are a few specific things you should know about dating a Taurus:

  1. Taurus Partners Are Dependable

If there’s one thing you must know about a Taurus, it’s that they’re dependable. While there will always be slipups here and there, they’re overwhelmingly stable people.

“In astrology, each zodiac sign is represented by one of three modalities: cardinal, fixed, or mutable,” Brittany Logan writes for PrepScholar. “A sign’s modality is just another way of saying, ‘This is how this sign expresses itself.’ The Taurus modality is fixed, meaning people born under this sign tend to be reliable, persistent, and stable.”

Some people find these factors to be boring, particularly if you’re just looking for fun in a relationship. But when it comes to settling down with someone for the long-term, these traits are in high demand.

  1. Taurus Partners Are Incredibly Practical

Taurus partners are very practical (which sort of goes hand in hand with their dependability). They don’t believe in trying new things just for the sake of making a change. They require logical reasoning and systematic thinking to reach conclusions.

  1. Taurus Partners are Hedonists

As practical as Taurus partners are, they also have a deep affinity for pleasure. They’re hedonists at their core and have an appreciation for beauty. This includes things like dance, art, and music. They love good food, as well. (Just know that they tend to be homebodies, so a Taurus partner might prefer good takeout over dining in.)

  1. Taurus Partners are Masters in the Art of Seduction

Tauruses are sensual. This is especially true if you’re dating a Taurus man. Per their personality, they like to take things slow and enjoy foreplay, cuddling, and consistent touch. However, because they’re also very practical, they have a tendency to get stuck in ruts and routines. If you want a spicier romantic life, it’s up to you to nudge your partner in that direction!

  1. Taurus Partners Can be Possessive

A Taurus can be a lot of things, but carefree isn’t one of them. They always try to act with reason rather than emotion. Sometimes this can be a good thing, while other times it has a darker side.

One of the less desirable truths is that a Taurus is highly possessive once in a committed relationship. They will protect their partner at all costs and go after anyone who tries to cross a line. This can prove problematic if you’re highly independent and have lots of friends (particularly of the opposite sex). This is just something to keep in mind!

  1. Taurus Partners Can be Hard to Break Up With

A Taurus is so pragmatic and strong-willed that they won’t have any trouble breaking up with a partner they don’t feel like they’re right for. But try to break up with a Taurus who still wants to be together and you’ve got a different story!

A Taurus will come to you with every reason that the two of you should stay together, no matter how incompatible the two of you may be. They’ll clamor for one more chance and make lofty promises.

“You must stay clear-eyed. If they haven’t been willing to alter certain patterns after you’ve voiced your concern, you may be setting a dangerous precedent,” Danny Larkin writes for Vice. “Even if you say your decision is final, brace yourself for follow-up emails and texts—it’s very hard for Taurus to let go.”

This isn’t meant to scare you, but it is something to think about. If you’re going to break up, come prepared for a strong defense!

Is a Taurus Right for You?

In most cases, you stumble into a relationship without any pre-existing knowledge of your partner’s astrology sign. But as time passes and you get to know each other on a more intimate level, key details like this are unearthed and addressed.

As you slowly learn what it means to date a Taurus partner, it’s important to consider if their personality and other innate traits are ideally aligned with your own. Give a Taurus a chance, but certainly don’t rule out other signs.

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