YANGQUAN, April 16, 2019 — Aerial photo taken on April 16, 2019 shows the view of Baidu’s cloud … [+] computing center at the economic and technological development zone in Yangquan, north China’s Shanxi Province. Yangquan has been transforming from a coal-dependent city to a city applying new technologies of Big Data and information services to various aspects of social life and developments. From harboring Baidu’s cloud computing center, to taking advantages of various apps and platforms to collect citizen’s concerns, supply public information, and monitor production safety, etc., Yangquan has become a new smart city featuring artificial intelligence. (Xinhua/Yang Chenguang) (Xinhua/ via Getty Images)

Xinhua News Agency via Getty Images

China’s economic planners have made the decision to tailor Hainan, a province in

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