Whether it’s the President of a country, a renowned novelist, a revolutionist, a globally acclaimed artist, every person in this world has a story. A series of events that led them to where they are today. If people do not share their stories, it does not mean that they do not have one.

The stories associated with the success of people can serve as a major source of inspiration for the world. Their experiences can encourage others to take a step forward towards their dream and accomplish their life goals.

Muhammad Shaikh, an influential Muslim scholar, an exceptional author, and a man with knowledge, has a story to share. A person, who the Muslim population looks at for direction, guidance, and enlightenment, was not always living a life driven by Quranic teachings and Islamic values. Just like all other influential personalities out there, it took Muhammad Shaikh a major portion of life to come across his true passion.

Even though he grew up under a religious aura, it did not turn him into a devout Muslim. His journey from being a cultural Muslim to becoming a top Muslim scholar is synonymous with a bumpy ride. It has its up and downs, from hitting rock bottom and standing back on his own feet to finally finding the true guidance. Muhammad Shaikh’s steadfastness is worth shedding light upon and deserves to be told to the entire world.

There are hundreds and thousands of Muslims, who have lived a life just like Muhammad Shaikh lived as a youngster. There is always the right time for everything, and Muhammad Shaikh found the right path came when he was in dire need of it. He is one of those Muslim scholars who find the light at the end of the tunnel through personal experiences.

Adversities Pave the Way for Exposure & Growth

While no one in this world wants to face adversities, it is a part of life that an individual cannot escape. The happy and simple moments do bring joy and peace in one’s life, but its the difficult phase in life that paves the way for an individual’s growth. It brings people to realize things that would not have discovered if they were living free of adversities.

Born on October 6, 1956, Muhammad Shaikh in Karachi, Pakistan was recruited as military police at the Rajasthan borders in 1971, during the Indo-Pak war, after which he joined Merchant Navy. Instead of giving exams for the position of captain, he left the Navy and joined his family business. It was a video rental center, “Video Cottage.”

During the five years that he was part of the merchant navy, he interacted with many Christian missionaries, which made him realize the importance of ‘learning’ the Quran and understanding the Islamic teachings.

He used to watch Islamic documentaries while working at the video center, and it was during this time, a group of people attacked him at the Video Cottage. It was during the close-to-death experience that made him see the light when he dedicated his love to the service of Islam and God.

His closeness to death brought him close to the Lord, and this was when he realized that he had to study his religion. He wanted to be a Muslim by choice and not just because he was born in a Muslim family. He started his research, and his understanding of the Quran helped him become an influential scholar in the Islamic world.

Contributions to the Islamic World

Muhammad Shaikh is an individual who designed the world’s first Color-Coded Quran. It helps people easily understand the Quran with its grammatical value. He has also launched by IIPC Canada. Muhammad Shaikh was the only Pakistani among the 30 Daee’s selected by Shaikh Ahmed Deedat for Daw’ah training at the IPCI headquarters in Durban, South Africa. He successfully completed the course for which he was awarded the certificate by Deedat.

By the year 2005, Muhammad Shaikh had established himself as a notable Islamic personality. In the same year, he was delivering a lecture in his educational center in Karachi when he was shot. The bullet passed through his face damaging the nerves and breaking several teeth.

Adversities were a part of his life, but his steadfastness brought him under the limelight. Muhammad Shaikh was enlisted as one of the 500 Most Influential Muslims 2010, published by The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in Aman. In a poll by Reuters-Faith World, he was publicly voted as the 4th Most Influential Muslim in the World.

The assassination attempt brought Muhammad Shaikh close to his purpose to spread Islamic teachings to those who are unaware. It was after this incident he established English and Urdu IIPCTV Internet Channels. His independent research on the Quran has led him to compile above 50 reference booklets. He fought his adversities, and it was a difficult phase in his life that brought him closer to his life’s purpose.