5 Tips for Opening Your Own Bar & Grill

by | Aug 11, 2020 | Business Feature

The restaurant industry is a challenging business field. Newcomers face stiff competition from established venues, and unless you invest in a franchise, you will need to create your menu.

Starting from scratch can be daunting, but it also provides you with an opportunity to avoid common mistakes and put your stamp on your business. Using these strategies can help you prepare to open your bar and grill successfully.

1. Choose Expert Suppliers


Customers do not like to be kept waiting. Ensure you keep your operation running smoothly by working with professional suppliers who provide excellent, efficient service. For example, if you send tablecloths and napkins out to be cleaned, you will want them returned before you run out of linens.

Buy restaurant supplies from reputable vendors, such as GoFoodService. GoFoodService is a one-stop shopping venue for cutlery, dishes, food preparation tools, furniture, and more. One of the benefits of working with the same vendor for multiple items is you will not have to double-check to determine where you purchased items if you need to order more. GoFoodService will have a record of the furniture or dishes you purchased. Products such as food dehydrators, meat slicers, and refrigeration units also come with a warranty.

2. Set Your Business Apart


Focus on establishing an atmosphere that will distinguish your business from others and appeal to your desired clientele. As an establishment that serves alcohol, you won’t focus on developing a children’s menu. Instead, consider the type of adult consumers you hope to serve and invest in features those customers will appreciate. You may want to have pool tables, or you may choose to feature video game systems. The lighting levels can promote or dissuade intimacy. Before you open, it’s a good idea to visit other establishments and evaluate their atmosphere. You may want to choose an emphasis that doesn’t compete with other venues, or you may want to modify the theme of another bar and grill to suit your tastes.

3. Find an Optimal Location


Even if you have the best supplies and a distinct atmosphere, you may have a hard time attracting clients if your location is hard to find or access. Choose an optimal venue suited to your clientele. For example, if you plan to open in the suburbs, you may prioritize finding a location with a large parking lot or nearby public parking options. If you want to appeal to the downtown crowd, you will want to find a place downtown within walking distance of shops and businesses. It may also be a good idea to pick a venue that is near public transit. This will ensure clients can find your bar and grill and travel to and from it safely.

4. Invest in Online Marketing

Most consumers research products online before they buy them. The volume of shoppers performing internet research highlights how important it is for businesses to invest in internet marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing can raise your business’s profile online, so it will be featured on the first page of search engine results when people in your area are looking for a place to eat out or grab a drink after work. Use Google My Business to create a profile for your business and verify your company. This is an effective way of boosting your search engine ranking and ensuring your bar and grill is featured in location-based searches.

5. Prioritize Customer Satisfaction

Your menu presents you with an opportunity to distinguish your business. You may opt to focus on affordable food, or you may prioritize distinct cuisine that isn’t featured at other establishments in your area. Whichever route you choose, you will need reliable suppliers who provide superb products.

Whether you’re looking for vendors to supply produce or beverage suppliers in Allentown, PA, it’s vital that you form partnerships with companies with a reputation for excellence. The items you serve can establish your reputation, and if you are known for providing exceptional food and beverages, you will appeal to customers with your menu.

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