5 Tips for Starting a Women’s Political Party

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Politics Featured

If you’re planning on running for any government office, you’ve got a long road ahead of you. Let’s face it; there aren’t enough women in politics. One of the main reasons behind that is because there are so many more social inequalities that have to be overcome to make it happen. You’re a boss for starting this journey. You need to make sure you have all the available resources at your fingertips in order to level the playing field, to give you and your future constituents a real shot at having your voices heard. Here are five helpful tips when you’re starting your campaign.

Communication is key.

It’s said that women are better communicators, making them extremely useful when it comes to running a government, whether it’s town, city, state, or national. Continuing to practice your communication skills during this time will be key. You need to be able to get the word out about campaign updates and coordinate events with your staff or volunteers. That’s a lot of people to get on the same page. To make all of this easy and efficient, you need political peer to peer texting.

For the first time ever, Peerly has made this sort of technology affordable. It allows you to contact voters in a non-intrusive way and has proven to leave them with a positive interaction. One volunteer can reach and engage thousands of voters with a single text. It’s completely legal to contact voters in this way and has been used by high profile Democrats and Republicans. Peerly is the future of political communication and you’re the future of our community.

Dress your best.

It might seem sexist to bring up appearance, but the physical way you come off to voters can make a big difference in how they perceive you. You need to come off polished and professional, but still relatable. According to research, appearance matters for both male and female candidates around the world. Voters who are less informed may make a snap judgment off of your appearance, so putting the best version of you forward isn’t a bad idea.

An easy way to heighten your look is through clothing. For women, it’s best to strike a balance somewhere between feminine and masculine. You need to look like you have authority without sacrificing your identity. Match straight leg pants, a fitted blazer top, and a nice heel and you’ve got the perfect outfit. Straight leg pants show off your curves without limiting your movement. You can hit the campaign trail and show everyone who should wear the pants in this country.

Know what it takes to win.

You’re not going to get everyone to vote for you, as much as that would be nice. Be realistic and figure out exactly how many votes you need to win wherever you’re running. Use that number to create a vote goal, and make an informed strategy from there. You should obviously be aiming for more than fifty percent of the votes. Add a cushion to the number of people you need to ensure you take the win.


Meet your people face to face.

In the age of information, anyone can read an article or watch an interview and decide whether your beliefs align with theirs. The Internet is amazing for getting the word out, freeing up communication, and having a wide reach. However, it also does take a bit of the human element away. Even if you’re aggressively campaigning online, it’s important to go out and meet people. Some women are great listeners, especially in person. Voters want to be heard and be seen. Taking the time to meet with them and hear their concerns can make a huge difference, especially for swing votes.


Fundraise for your future!

You might think your local election doesn’t need funds for a successful campaign. However, there are a lot of small expenses that can add up quickly. You don’t want to have to exit the running because you can’t financially sustain it. Fundraise, so you can pay for your website domain, fliers, signs, and even stamps to send out materials. People will believe in you and support you financially, so seek them out.

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