Is Microsoft Azure Already Winning the Cloud Computing War Against AWS?

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Education Feature

Here’s How to Get Started in Azure by Passing AZ-900 Exam with Practice Tests

The cloud computing war is rapidly intensifying,with different platforms ready to show their dominanceon the global landscape. But the good news is, Microsoft continues to spearhead the digital transformation, Link Here for PrepAway URL  and its cloud services are rated highly among the most popular options globally.

With more and more workloads migrating to digital, there could be no better time to carve out your nichein the employment market. Microsoft 70-412 Practice Test Dumps Questions – PrepAway Today, let’s discuss how you can launch a career using the Microsoft AZ-900 exam for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification and what are the reasons to join this technology field.

Microsoft Azure or AWS: Why the First Is the Choice of Many?

The competition between AWS and Azure has been lasting for some time now, so there are several opinions about them.  Microsoft 70-413 Practice Test Dumps Questions These are a few reasons why many companies prefer Microsoft Azure:

  • Profitable pricing model.It’s wise to choose services that suit your business needs not only in quality but also financially. However, it doesn’t mean that the price is the only advantage of Azure: even giants like Toyota, Lufthansa, HP, and others utilize it due to the other benefits as well.
  • Regular innovations.Industry trends are considered when upgrades are provided, and about 1000 new capabilities were implemented in Azure last year as stated on the Microsoft website.
  • More qualification opportunities.Microsoft offers a number of certifications to help individuals manage Azure features effectively. Microsoft 70-410 Practice Test Dumps Questions Thus, it’s easier for an organization to find the qualified workforce to handle their cloud platform.

Getting Started with Microsoft Azure

Ready to work in Microsoft Azure? Then, usethe following tips to get started:

  • Learn Core Azure Terminologies

Cloud services have their set of terminologies that you should master before enrolling in your training. For Microsoft Azure, they include Azure Active Directory(AD), Azure Resource Manager(RM),Azure Stack, Resource, Resource Group, Virtual Machine, and Subscription.

  • Create a Free Account

Once you’ve mastered the terminologies, it’s time to gain access to the portal.Get the basic knowledge of Azure products such asvirtual machines, Azure backup, and web apps through subscriptions.

  • Take a Certification Exam

To launch a career in Azure, pay attention to AZ-900 exam as it covers key principles and how to apply them in real-world scenarios. PrepAway Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Recently, it has been reviewed by the industry experts to ensure it features only the latest entry-level Azure concepts. Passing it, you’ll earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals badge.

Looking for Help? Here Are the Best Training Options

Taking a certification test for the first time may be stressful, so your secret weapon here is to prepare well so as to be supported by your knowledge. First of all, note that Microsoft provides comprehensive training for AZ-900 assessment. You can check out one of the free self-paced course or the paid instructor-led classes to help you get ahead in your new role.

But it doesn’t end there. Once mastering all the topics, use practice tests to rise from novice to a skillful professional within the shortest time possible. Click Link for PrepAway These materials will show you the exam content, structure, and environment, putting you at almost the same testing conditions that you’ll face. After several trials, all you have to do is flex your creative muscles and give the exam your best shot.

The Bottom Line

With cloud computing already proving to be a flourishingtrend in the tech landscape, the competition for new jobs is only expected to boost in the coming years. Fortunately, getting started in Microsoft Azure solutions is not rocket science. So, take your career to a new level today by obtaining your Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification by passing the AZ-900 exam with the help of practice tests. You got this!

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