Keeping Connected in an Ever-Accelerating World

by | Aug 3, 2020 | Entertainment Feature

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If the centuries of progress that have led us to this point have taught us anything, it’s that not only are we advancing, we’re on a steady path of acceleration too.

It’s all relative and once there was once a time that it was thought prudent to have someone walking ahead of your car with a red flag to warn of its rapid approach and that there were real risks to health from a Ford car traveling at 20 mph. Now, when even a family saloon will be considered perfectly safe at four times that speed, you might think that we would have evolved to accommodate the increasing speed of the world around us.

The sheer volume of information and other stimuli, and the speed with which it bombards us, means that we’re having to take measures to fit it all in. This affects us just as much in our leisure time as it does at work. And, with many of us working longer hours than ever before and having more entertainments to divert us than previously, it can seem like we’re under more pressure from all sides.

Source: Pexels

No Time to Slow Down

A relatively recent phenomenon that the internet has brought with it has been the podcast. This revolution in giving virtually anyone who wants one a platform and a voice has, not surprisingly, led to an avalanche covering everything from pet care to gardening and celebrity interviews to stand-up comedy.

There is a wealth of these to follow, we still have the same amount of spare time in which to listen to them. This has led to a situation where, just to fit them into their lives, more and more people are starting to listen to them at up to twice the normal speed on players like Acast and iTunes. There’s even a name for this group “The Podfasters”. It’s not just here that the need for speed is being satisfied. More and more online casinos are introducing games that can be played at a higher pace than normal. For example, one only has to visit Space Casino to find that there are accelerated versions of games like roulette, blackjack, and three-card poker for those with limited time on their hands. Clearly, time is of the essence for some.

While this works perfectly well and enjoyably with the online casino, another art form which surely it would be better to enjoy at normal speed is cinema. But Netflix has successfully tested a feature that lets you watch films at 1.5 times the normal speed. Not surprisingly, many directors are furious and very much hope that the streaming giant will listen to their objections.

The accelerating world does have its upsides, though. Recent research has found that people working in busy and fast-moving environments are more productive and more satisfied with their working lives.

So, as with most things, there is a trade-off to be made. And it’s one that’s going to have to be considered by anyone not wanting to get left behind.

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