Two dentists debunk 14 of the most common myths about teeth.

They explain the science behind white teeth and what really causes cavities.

They also debunk the idea that electric toothbrushes are better than regular toothbrushes. In fact, it’s more about how you brush your teeth.

And they mention how aligners, without X-rays and thorough analysis from an orthodontist, could be harmful to your teeth.

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Aaleeyah Pringle Alim: “You have to get your wisdom teeth removed.”

Amin Elsaeed: OK, big myth here. Big, big, big myth. [Pringle Alim laughs]

“Charcoal toothpaste is better than regular toothpaste.”

Pringle Alim: No. No, no, no. “There’s no such thing as brushing too much.”

Elsaeed: Try to brush for at least two minutes, right? Sing “Twinkle,

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