Health Checks You Can Do At Home

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Health Featured

Now that most have us have been stuck at home for almost six months, our yearly physicals should be right around the corner. But many of us are worried if it’s okay to go to the doctor during the pandemic. Many doctors have even made it clear that you should not forgo your normal check-ups like the dentist or eye doctor. Most offices are taking the proper precautions to keep the patient and themselves safe. In a perfect world, everyone would have access to affordable health care and dental insurance. However, if you find that the current state of the world is holding you back, there are several at-home examinations that you can perform yourself.


Temperature Check

It’s one of the simplest tasks to perform which you can check orally, via your ear, or even on your forehead. A normal body temperature for adults is around 98.6 but will vary depending on the person. Check your temperature when you are in good health so you can compare it to when you start to feel poorly and make sure you invest in a decent thermometer. If you do have a high temperature it may be time to see a doctor or get yourself to the hospital.

Check your hearing online.

There are some really great tests online that you can take for checking your hearing simply by typing, “online hearing assessment” into your browser. They will usually ask that you wear earphones so that you’re not distracted by outside noise – so find a quiet area to complete the hearing test. Headphones will provide you with more accurate results. Hearing loss can be gradual over time so it’s important that you take note if something feels off. If you are starting to exclude yourself from conversations or hear a muffled sound, it’s a sign that you should go get checked out.

Breast and Testicular Checks


For women, it’s crucial that you familiarize yourself with your breasts. Your breasts can change at different stages in your cycle, so the best way of identifying any changes is to get to know the shape of the breast. If you notice any lumps, definitely call your doctor. As with men, testicular checkups are essential in order to detect any lumps or swellings that could be an indication of cancer. Carry out a self-examination after a warm shower by holding your scrotum in your hand and using your finger to feel around.

Keep up to date with your heart.


It’s important to know what your resting heart rate is. The most ideal time to check is the first thing in the morning. The best way to know your personal average is to check every morning for one week. You can check with a personal machine or a fitness tracker. Checking your blood pressure is also a good idea. High blood pressure means you could be at major risks of a stroke or heart attack. Again, you can purchase your own, at-home blood pressure monitor. Normal blood pressure is usually between 90/60 and 120/80.

Skin Check


Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancers but if caught early can usually be treated. You can screen yourself while you are in the privacy of your own home and it’s pretty easy to do. Try to check yourself once a month by looking for changes in your skin and new growths. If you have a mole that has also started to become itchy and bleed, you should speak to your doctor as this could be a sign that something is wrong. After all, nobody knows your body better than you. If you pay attention and are active in your health you’ll be able to stay on track even during this worldwide pandemic.

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