Why So Many People Are Opting for Sim Only Deals

by | Oct 12, 2020 | Business Feature

It seems fewer consumers nowadays are queuing round the corner of mobile shops to get the latest releases. Instead, they’re choosing to hold on to their previous model and changing to cheap sim only deals.

There are several reasons for this lack of interest there was previously in mobile upgrades. Prices are rising to unrealistic heights for some people, and it’s just not financially viable to buy a new phone every two years. The commitment is also long-term, and this is losing its appeal. In these unprecedented times, many people would rather spend their money investing in their futures, rather than a two-year plus phone contract.

Mobile users opting out of long-term contracts

The long-term commitment of being tired into a phone contract for at least 18months is less appealing. Many consumers are more concerned about buying a home or investing in their future in other ways. Sim only deals are cheap and what’s more, you can pay for them on a rolling monthly basis. This means a lot of savings for most people. The lifecycle of mobile phones is extending by 3 months every couple of years, meaning the upgrade market is gradually on the decline.

Extortionate prices mean consumers are less inclined to upgrade

Consumers are also becoming much more aware of over-paying, thanks to available resources such as price comparison sites, and for this reason, they’re not paying extortionate prices for new phones. It’s also not much cheaper to buy a phone and prepaid sim card separately anymore. It also depends on insurance purposes. People are less inclined to buy expensive phones in case they break, or get lost or stolen. There’s a growing trend in sustainable living as well, which leans more towards recycling phones or opting for a more permanent option.

Millions of consumers pay beyond their contract for handset

Watchdog reports have published that millions of consumers end up still paying for their handset beyond the terms of their contract. There have also been new measures released by Ofcom, to increase fairness for mobile users. These demand greater transparency, fairer contract terms, and a reduction in price from many providers.

Many consumers also have reported paying too much in comparison to what they actually use. For example, many gigabytes of data go wasted every month even though consumers were told they need an unlimited deal. For this reason, more and more people are opting for sim only deals. They don’t invite unnecessary spending and you can change your package at any time.

For those who are interested in comparing deals, you can find a guide to sim only deals online. Comparison sites such as these publish all the price plans, including the small print. There is a range of different packages to suit the varying lifestyles of each consumer. You can get the best deal for you without having to commit to paying extortionate prices. If you would like to know more about great offers for your mobile phone, get in touch today for cheap sim only deals.

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