Your Absolute Guide to Making a Claim for a Road Accident – and What You Can Expect

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UK roads and motorways are supposed to be some of the safest in the world, but did you know that an average of about 24,000 individuals were severely hurt in traffic accidents in the UK in the last few years? Even if we try our best to be careful and mindful when we are on the road, accidents can still occur, and road traffic accidents can be quite sudden, leaving us shocked and worse, injured. But whether you are a vehicle driver, a pedestrian, a cyclist, a passenger, or a biker and you have become injured in a road accident, you have the right to a compensation claim, and you should also know precisely what to do and what you can expect from such a claim so your claim will be successful. Here, then, is your absolute guide to making a claim for a road accident – and what you can expect.

What you should do to strengthen your claim

If you have been in a road traffic accident and have been injured as a result, you should keep whatever medical records you have related to the accident and whatever costs you have incurred as well. This means keeping all the paperwork – including doctors’ examinations, assessments, receipts, treatment details, and more. The more evidence you have of the extent of your injury and what you are going through or have gone through to have it treated, the stronger your personal injury case.

Another thing you should keep track of is the number of days you have been unable to work because of your injury. This will allow your personal injury solicitor to calculate how much compensation you are supposed to receive based on your loss of income.

Remember to take photos of whatever injury you have had as well, and document your progress or how your treatment is going so you can present this as evidence, too. If there are any witnesses to the accident, get their contact information, and if there are any CCTV cameras in the area, try to see if you can get CCTV footage as well.

What you can expect from your claim

Another essential thing you can do to strengthen your claim is to consult with an experienced solicitor in personal injury who has had extensive dealings with road traffic accident claims. Solicitors from respected firms like are fully-versed in personal injury cases and have dealt with their share of successful road traffic accident claims, so look for the same kind of solicitor with experience, expertise, and know-how.

But what can you expect from your claim? A good solicitor will tell you that you can claim for such aspects as general damages, the cost of care, medical costs, travel costs, loss of income, and even future loss of income if you can no longer work because of your injury or can only work on a part-time basis. General damages are particularly important because this can cover your actual injury and the pain as well as mental and emotional anguish you may have because of your accident. The cost of care can also be claimed in compensation, especially if you have someone looking after you (even a family member) because of your injury.

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