11 Health & Wellness Stocking Stuffer Ideas

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Health Featured

As you do your Christmas shopping, don’t forget the stockings! If you’re at a loss over what to put in them, show your loved ones you care by getting them stocking stuffers that promote health and wellness. Give them the gift of well-being with these inexpensive but wholesome goodies.

Stress Ball

We all do something to cope with stress, and some of us show it through nail biting or other nervous habits. Squeezing a stress ball can replace a bad habit and help relieve the tension. This inexpensive stress reliever is an excellent tool to have on a desk or close at hand.

Home COVID Test

In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s hard for anyone to have peace of mind about their health and safety. Now you can have certainty with the convenience of a home COVID test. The EverlyWell COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit lets you collect your sample at home and send it to the lab. You’ll have results within 24-48 hours of the lab’s receipt of your specimen, and a telehealth consultation is available.

Jade Facial Roller

Even after the initial hype, this beauty product is still a hot item. The jade facial roller provides a gentle massage for a tired face. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and puffiness, and it rolls away tension and stress. The roller also increases skin elasticity and tones facial muscles.


Give a gift that promotes positive thinking and mindfulness. A hard- or soft-bound journal is great for setting goals, working through thoughts, or just being more self-aware of behaviors and habits. Journals come in various colors and materials, and some even have their own pen.

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is always a popular gift. Green tea has antioxidants and other properties that promote healthy aging, improve the skin, and have a calming effect. Chamomile tea is great for reducing anxiety and supporting all-day relaxation. Peppermint tea helps the digestive tract and has antiviral properties. There are many varieties of herbal teas, and they don’t have sugar or calories.

Lip Balm

Lip balms are a fun and healthy stocking stuffer. The best ones are environmentally friendly and have non-toxic ingredients like beeswax, shea or cocoa butter, jojoba oil, or sweet almond oil. A healthy lip balm should not contain mineral oil, petroleum, lanolin, or phenol.

Organic Soaps

Organic soaps, especially the handmade kind, smell great. They contain essential or plant-based oils and glycerin, which are so much better for your skin than the commercial kind. You can also be assured that soaps with natural ingredients don’t need to be tested on animals.

Raw Honey

Honey tastes great in coffee, on yogurt, or anything else that you want to sweeten naturally. A jar of raw honey is the perfect therapeutic gift. It contains antioxidants that keep skin smooth and healthy. Some types of raw honey, like manuka honey, are suitable for healing wounds or chapped lips when you apply it topically.

Sleep Spray

If you know anybody who has trouble falling asleep, some lavender sleep spray might be the perfect gift. Smelling the scent of lavender on one’s pillow can bring peace and help a racing mind slow down. A lavender spray also reduces symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Sports Mask

Most face masks get uncomfortable when you wear them after a while, especially during exercise. However, with a sports mask, your sports enthusiastic will have no more excuses for working out without a face covering. The layers of the sports mask are antimicrobial. They pull moisture away from the face, making it more comfortable and easier to breathe during exertion.

Aromatherapy Candle

Aromatic candles are soothing and calming, especially after a stressful day. The best candles consist of soy wax blended with essential oils, such as jasmine, that help your mood and reduce stress.

The best stocking stuffers are not only fun but are practical and promote good health. Take time this holiday season to find unique and useful wellness gifts to show how much you care. While these gifts are great as holiday stocking stuffers, be sure to keep them in mind for birthdays, thank-you gifts, and at other times of the year.

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